Campaign Crash Course: 5-minute expert lessons on marketing topics from APAC experts

Welcome to Campaign Asia-Pacific's Crash Course video learning series, in which APAC-based experts provide valuable lessons and practical business tips on trending and essential topics in marketing and communications. Have a suggestion or want to take part? Complete our feedback form or email our editors.

Understanding attention-based metrics 

In a world where many people skip and gloss over ads, attention and the metrics associated with it are slated to cause a seismic shift in advertising. As measurement tech evolves, so does attention metrics. 

Teacher: Kevin Smyth, head of sales at Playground XYZ

Debunking affiliate marketing myths

Affiliate marketing is more than just cheap deals and coupons. In this lesson, learn about the different use cases and tips for a successful strategy.

Teacher: Camille Mandray, senior director of client services at Rakuten Advertising

Introduction to contextual marketing

With the impending demise of third-party cookies, contextual targeting is entering a renaissance. Learn how it works, and the opportunities and challenges of this advertising model.

Jann Tan, senior account manager at Outbrain

A conversational commerce primer for brand marketers

While the pandemic may have accelerated ecommerce adoption, the next consumer trend appears to be buying directly from popular chat apps. Here's how brands could tap this online evolution.

Teacher: Vartika Verma, vice president of marketing for (formerly known as Yellow Messenger)

An introduction to NFTs for marketers

As marketing moves from mass audiences to personalised brand experience and onward toward the metaverse, a raft of global brands have embraced the NFT opportunity. Here's why and how you could too.

Teacher: Marissa Trew is head of content at TZ APAC

How to not suck at videoconferencing

By now, one would think agencies have mastered the art of virtual pitching. Not so, says this cheeky lesson from marketing consultancy TrinityP3, which explains how to do it right.

Teacher: Greta Lee Jackson is presenter, actor and co-writer of this piece along with Grant McAloon. She worked on the content with Darren Woolley, CEO of TrinityP3 and Simon Joyce, founder and CEO of Emotive.

How to support mental health in the workplace

To mark World Mental Health Day, the leader of a mental health non-profit provides some recommendations for how to look after your own wellbeing and that of your peers.

Teacher: Hannah McLeod, managing director of the City Mental Health Alliance Hong Kong

Is addressable OTT right for your brand?

Addressable OTT brings the targeting and efficiency of digital advertising into a premium video environment—a compelling combination. But there are several barriers preventing the channel from becoming a mainstay in ad budgets. Learn what they are in this week's Crash Course.

Teacher: Tracy Phan, buyer account manager at Magnite in Singapore.

What's the difference between CDPs and DMPs?

Building a complete view of a customer by consolidating data sources has been heralded as one of the most important tasks for marketers to continue to target the right people in a privacy-first world. But what are the platforms that can deliver this, and are they right for everyone?

Teacher: Vincent Niou, VP of data strategy APAC at Essence

How to build a DTC brand

Brands have been rushing to find new ways to reach home-bound consumers as the Covid pandemic has continued to rage. In this lesson, discover how to build a direct-to-consumer brand.

Teacher: Ritika Gupta, regional ecommerce director at Reprise APAC

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