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Oct 1, 2021

Campaign Crash Course: Is addressable OTT right for your brand?

Addressable OTT brings the targeting and efficiency of digital advertising into a premium video environment—a compelling combination. But there are several barriers preventing the channel from becoming a mainstay in ad budgets. Learn what they are in this week's Crash Course.

Welcome back to Campaign Asia-Pacific's Crash Course learning series, in which you will learn valuable lessons and practical business tips on trending and essential topics from industry experts in just five minutes. Think of it as a mini mini MBA, if you will.

Lessons will cover the breadth of the marcomms industry, including technology, creative, media, strategy, leadership, diversity and inclusion and more. We'll start off by introducing you to larger topics and delve deeper into specific elements in the future. This series is designed to be useful to C-suite executives as well as those just starting out in their careers.

The lesson

The 37th lesson in the Crash Course series will delve into addressable OTT, a method that allows advertisers to target different ads to different households on specific devices while they are watching the same program. Addressable OTT delivers ads via any device used to stream content via the internet. It combines digital advertising techniques, including granular targeting and frequency capping, with a premium video environment. While this sounds promising, there are several barriers preventing addressable OTT from becoming a major ad channel, both global and specific to Asia-Pacific.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • What is addressable OTT?
  • Benefits of addressability.
  • Challenges of addressable OTT globally and in Asia.
  • The future of addressable OTT.

Your teacher

Tracy Phan is a buyer account manager at Magnite, based in Singapore. She manages the relationships with key brands and agency holding companies across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Taiwan. She provides programmatic consulting, delivers sell-side training for buyers, and supports Magnite’s audio, DOOH , CTV and OTT buyers.

Prior to joining Magnite in 2019, Phan was an account executive at Knorex and a business development lead at Geniee.

The quiz

After you watch the above video, test your knowledge of addressable OTT with this quiz:

Campaign Crash Course is an ongoing series with new courses to be released on Fridays. We are always looking for feedback and ideas. Have a suggestion or want to take part? Complete our feedback form or email our editors.


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