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Issue 1 2019

In this issue, we discuss the changing perceptions of luxury and how the personalisation megatrend has resulted in a shift in the meaning of luxury as we know it.

Issue 5 2018

In our cover story, we study the critical important of content and how it can be seamlessly tied into other elements such as design and tech. But what’s content without understanding what works for different types of attendees? Learn about how science – in the form of biometrics and facial recognition – is quickly taking over post-event surveys and feedback forms.

Issue 4 2018

In this issue, we dive into the many ways planners and corporates are using creativity to fuel their events, including breaking conventional rules of storytelling, using venues beyond their physical spaces, considering data and tech as enablers of creativity, and the "localisation" of creative concepts in China.

Issue 3 2018

In our latest issue, learn about how planners are using innovative new ways to customise experiences, how to responsibly collect data and use it to improve engagement, how destination marketing is capturing the imagination of delegates, and get an exclusive insight into Singapore's most creative meetings space.

Issue 2 2018

AI is a powerful and important tool in the events industry. Learn how to leverage on the trend, when best to use AI to boost your event, and how to predict future trends.

Issue 1 2018

The power of storytelling at events, how brands can harness 'live experience' to make a lasting impact in an increasingly cluttered digital world, and 2018 trends forecast

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