June 2017

Cover story: The 14th annual Asia's Top 1000 Brands research offers exclusive rankings, produced in partnership with Nielsen, alongside a wide range of analyses. Plus, exclusive interviews with Dentu's Takaki Hibino and Marriott's Irene Lin.

Brand Director’s letter

Welcome to the 14th issue of Asia’s Top 1000 Brands, the most definitive ranking of brands that consumers value the most across the region. This year’s ranking, produced in partnership with Nielsen, incorporates consumer brand perception in 13 key regional markets, including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam. As one of the region’s most anticipated top-of-mind brand studies, it covers 17 major categories from automotive to consumer electronics and personal care, as well as 79 sub-categories.

The results underscore the movement of ideas and the shift in product development and leadership that is quickly expanding in this region. In many markets, such as China, consumers are increasingly turning to homegrown brands for the newest and most innovative products and brands. While the big, established names at the top of the rankings hold steady, the challengers are motivating consumers through a transparent sense of purpose and aligning strategies with their values.

Atifa Silk is brand director, Campaign Asia-Pacific


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24 Influence
Consultants are stealing a slice of adland’s pie

28 Marketer profile
Marriott’s Irene Lin gets up close and personal

32 The Atifa Silk Interview
Dentsu’s Takaki Hibino on global ambitions

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