May 2017

Asia's Muslims present a multi-billion dollar opportunity, yet many marketers remain cautious or even apprehensive about engaging. Our cover story explores why and looks at some examples of brands that are leading the way. Plus, an exclusive interview with Porsche marketing director Carl Isenbeck, Cannes Lions preview, and more.

It’s the next big opportunity for smart brands eyeing future growth. Asia is home to 62 percent of the world’s Muslim population. Those 1.6 billion consumers are a generously large piece of a prize valued at over US$1.9 trillion.

Yet, despite this potential, many marketers remain cautious in their engagement with the Muslim community and—as our report discovers—somewhat apprehensive of the cultural issues at stake.

How do you break away from the stereotypes that often make headlines and begin to understand what drives the demanding and complex millennial Muslim?

The key to a winning strategy is authenticity, as showcased by major global brands, such as Nike, that have taken into account the specific needs of the market. But while a few multinational brands are paving the path in this sector, more often it’s local brands such as Wardah, a halal cosmetics brand from Indonesia, that are seeing the fastest growth in this region.

Atifa Silk is brand director, Campaign Asia-Pacific


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