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Nov 26, 2021

Campaign Crash Course: An introduction to NFTs for marketers

As marketing moves from mass audiences to personalised brand experience and onward toward the metaverse, a raft of global brands have embraced the NFT opportunity. Here's why and how you could too.

Welcome back to Campaign Asia-Pacific's Crash Course learning series, in which you will learn valuable lessons and practical business tips on trending and essential topics from industry experts in just five minutes. Think of it as a mini mini MBA, if you will.

Lessons will cover the breadth of the marcomms industry, including technology, creative, media, strategy, leadership, diversity and inclusion and more. We'll start off by introducing you to larger topics and delve deeper into specific elements in the future. This series is designed to be useful to C-suite executives as well as those just starting out in their careers.

The lesson

The 40th lesson in the Crash Course series will decode non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for marketers. From basics like what NFTs are to the best strategy to use this rapidly emerging medium, this lesson will offer a strong primer to marketers to help them keep up with the times. Until recently, brand marketers have leaned on mass marketing—ranging from magazines to TV advertising—as a way to reach and drive demand for their products and services. 

From that world of catering to the masses, the world has become a lot more personalised, and in this new era, KOLs and creators are beginning to displace traditional marketing means and move to individual or person-to-person communication. NFTs are digital assets—artwork, photography, video, music, audio and multimedia, virtual reality, fashion, or online video games—that are transforming how brands interact with consumers. Marquee labels ranging from Coca-Cola to Microsft and Universal Music to Bacardi are already invested in the market.

Digital analytics firm DappRadar has reported that the total market of volume generated by the NFTs in 2020 was $95 million, and by the end of Q3 2021 that figure stood at $10.67 billion. This Crash Course aims to give marketers an NFT booster shot to help them navigate this booming, but challenging, opportunity. 

In this lesson you will learn:

  • What NFTs are
  • The aspects that should attract marketers to NFTs
  • The steps to creating an effective NFT strategy
  • The audience profile
  • What NFT audiences are looking for, and what they do not appreciate
  • Why you need to understand NFT platforms
  • How NFTs play into the metaverse.

Your teacher

Marissa Trew is head of content at TZ APAC, the Asia adoption entity supporting the Tezos ecosystem. She is also the host of TezTalks Radio, a podcast profiling the people and projects building on the Tezos blockchain.


Beyond blockchain, Marissa also hosts Just So We’re Clear, a Singapore-born podcast focused on holding conversations relevant to modern Asian women. She has built a career in media and technology as a marketer, journalist, presenter and copywriter, interviewing C-suite executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

The quiz

After you watch the above video, test your knowledge of social listening with this quiz:

Campaign Crash Course is an ongoing series with new courses to be released on Fridays. We are always looking for feedback and ideas. Have a suggestion or want to take part? Complete our feedback form or email our editors.


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