Jan 18, 2023

Fashion NFTs total $245 million in sales. Can brands harness success in 2023?

Fashion NFTs have demonstrated that their potential is bigger than ever, but consumers remain hesitant. What can brands do to finally achieve mass adoption and keep the market on its feet in 2023?

Nov 14, 2022

Dove Pakistan wants to solve damaged hair with NFTs

Dove wants to use NFTs to help women experience damage-free hair, not virtually, but in reality.

Oct 27, 2022

A floating metaverse experience on an OLED TV

INSPIRATION STATION: These art pieces unlock an immersive experience of OLED displays and the TV industry.

Oct 9, 2022

Building an NFT customer loyalty programme: what brands need to know

As more customers embrace blockchain technology, brands are leveraging NFT rewards. But marketers need to understand the ROI and how the value exchange will be delivered.

Sep 30, 2022

Tech Bites: Week of September 26, 2022

News from McLaren Racing, IAB Australia, CNN and more.

Sep 29, 2022

Dior takes its Chinaverse presence to new heights with second virtual showcase

Dior is making waves again by streaming its Paris Fashion Week show within Baidu’s virtual space, following on from its digitized exhibition in April.