Matthew Miller
Dec 4, 2018

Our 10 favourite ads of 2018

Our listicle-based look at the year in APAC marketing kicks off with our 10 favourite campaigns.

Our 10 favourite ads of 2018

2018 IN REVIEW: Throughout December we're looking back at the year in APAC marketing, advertising and communications—listicle-style.

Today, we kick-off our look back at 2018 with our 10 favourite ads/campaigns of the year. The work is presented in no particular order, with links to our original coverage.  

A groom's shocking wedding speech makes for a brilliant retirement-planning ad

Advertiser: NTUC Income
Agency: BBH

Talk about brilliant opening lines! Four seconds into this film a groom giving a speech at his wedding banquet announces that he grew up with "the worst parents in the world". He even has a Powerpoint.

Brilliant anti-sexism campaign weaponises retargeting

Advertiser: Our Watch
Agency: Thinkerbell

One of the most ingenious uses of a digital platform we can remember seeing.

Shiseido addresses themes of courage and self-discovery in bold new film
Advertiser: Shiseido
Agency: N/A

In recent years, Shiseido has shown itself to be one of the most innovative advertisers in Japan, and this piece of work continues to set the brand well apart from others in the sector.

Hong Kong Ballet campaign is a soaring success
Advertiser: Hong Kong Ballet
Agency: Design Army

Transposing ballet moves into modern Hong Kong settings, the Hong Kong Ballet's 'Never stand still' campaign is the rare piece of work that actually deserves the often-abused adjective 'jaw-dropping'. 

Auto website promises everyone their own personal car commercial (yes, everyone)
Advertiser: Carsales
Agency: CHE Proximity

The appropriately named 'AutoAds' campaign (get it?) uses an algorithm to combine hundreds of filmed scenes and thousands of voiceover clips with the seller-posted information, rearranging the footage with different visuals in a process that could in theory create up to 1.2 trillion variations, according to the agency.

Vicks brings 'Touch of care' to Philippines
Advertiser: Vicks
Agency: Publicis Singapore

In a culture where over-the-top Tiger Moms are celebrated and where many kids are trained and tutored more than they're touched, it's worth remembering the importance of the bonding that occurs through physical contact and emotional support. 

SoftBank and the art of the random crossover
Advertiser: Softbank
Agency: Dentsu

Already having found success with a long-running Hercule Poirot-style murder mystery featuring a star-studded canine and human cast, the brand is now borrowing from a popular campaign for an eyeglasses brand.

Nike launches stunning first-person basketball adventure
Advertiser: Nike
Agency: R/GA Shanghai

A first-person, digital, 'choose your own adventure' story that takes place in highly stylised—and highly awesome—2D animation.

This empty cereal box could feed hungry kids
Advertiser: Foodbank WA
Agency: The Brand Agency

The effort puts the issue of hunger in front of people right when they're about to spend a lot of money on a shopping cart full of food to fill their own stomachs, and it makes it super easy to toss a $5 donation into that cart.

Pantene: Look at these beautiful humans
Advertiser: Pantene
Agency: Greynj United

It's always great when people who have traditionally been seen as "other" can instead be portrayed as simply people. People who are deserving not of special treatment, but simply of equal treatment. And of fabulous hair.

Wait, what about...

Yes, we purposely left out some highly awarded campaigns, such as this one and this one and this one, in favour of spotlighting some work you might have missed.

For good measure

Here some more worthy pieces of work we considered.

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