Faaez Samadi
Feb 8, 2018

Mobile video ad market soars in Southeast Asia: InMobi

TOP OF THE CHARTS: New report reveals the exponential growth in mobile ads in the region, with Indonesia becoming one of the top markets globally.

Mobile video ad market soars in Southeast Asia: InMobi
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Mobile video ad spend grew a colossal 250% year-on-year across Southeast Asia in 2017, according to a new study from mobile adtech player InMobi.

The company’s “State of Mobile Video Advertising” in Southeast Asia report analysed data across its network for the whole of last year. Among other key highlights is that Southeast Asians consumed 230% more ads via mobile devices than they did in 2016, and that of those, 27% were retail related.

InMobi also found that SDK-integrated ad inventories are very much the norm now, and that Southeast Asia delivers 91% video viewability rate, almost twice the MOAT benchmark of 49.2%.

APAC in total eclipsed all other regions regarding mobile video ad spend growth, with a 250% hike in Southeast Asia alone.
Mobile video continues to exert its dominance as the medium of choice for consuming ads in Southeast Asia.
Indonesia's rapid growth continues apace with it becoming the 4th-largest mobile ad market in the world.
InMobi finds that SDK-integrated ad inventories lead to 5x better CTRs than API-based inventory.
Southeast Asia mobile video ads are almost twice the MOAT benchmark for viewabiity, meaning solid ROI and efficiency for advertisers.
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