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Apr 17, 2024

Saving water doesn’t have to mean extreme measures, says PUB

In collaboration with VML, this new campaign by Singapore’s national water agency is a reminder that even the simplest efforts can help to conserve water.

Among the highest treetops from where Ad Nut observes the world, the flow of water through the forest seems endless, leading out to cascading valleys, gushing rivers, and sightings of the sea. But down below in the bustling human habitats, it appears the situation is starkly different. While Ad Nut and its furry mates have yet to fret over such scarcities, it seems the conservation of water remains a critical issue for our two-legged friends. If the humans fumble this, not just their gardens but Ad Nut's beloved woodlands could dry up too.

Which is why Ad Nut's ears pricked when it came across PUB's (Singapore’s national water agency) new collaboration with VML Singapore.

The campaign includes a light-hearted film and a website designed to educate and encourage Singaporeans to embrace water conservation in their daily lives. Launched during the annual Singapore World Water Day Celebrations in March, the campaign lightly parodies the extremes people think they need to go to to preserve water. Instead, the central message ‘Save water. Big ways, small ways. All OK!’ reiterates that even small, manageable changes can collectively make a significant impact.

Singapore currently consumes around 440 million gallons of water per day, and with the population and economy poised to grow, water demand is projected to double by 2065. The looming threat of climate change adds another layer of urgency, with potential impacts on Singapore's limited water resources, making conservation not just wise but critical to ensuring the resilience of the nation’s supply.

While the campaign might not be revolutionary, Ad Nut does find it great for a few key reasons. First, its cheery demeanour makes the sombre task of conservation more approachable and less daunting. Secondly, the simplicity of the campaign’s message strips away the sometimes-misconstrued complexity of environmental preservation, making it accessible to all. The film, with its playful tone and relatable scenarios, and the website, full of tips and tricks, serve as gentle nudges towards a more sustainable lifestyle rather than guilt-inducing punishment—which is a key differentiator for any long-term, sustainable action to seep through. After all, you want everyone to understand the message, absorb it, and act on it as a lifestyle change, not just a momentary reaction to feelings of wrongdoing.

Whether it’s turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or choosing water-efficient appliances, every little action counts. Ad Nut gives a tip of its tiny hat to these efforts.


VML Singapore
Chief creative officer: Mateusz Mroszczak
Group creative director: Gerald Chue
Creative group head: Kevin Lim
Senior copywriter: Aslinda Khanafi
Junior art director: Ee Min Goh
Junior art director: Shalom Lim
Associate strategy director: JS Foo
Business director: Fred Eng
Account director: Hazel Lim
Account manager: Liming Yu
Account manager: Nicolette Ng
Project manager: Jacob Chew
Executive producer: Kimie Ong
Junior producer: Nazurah Zulfakir

Production house: Freeflow Productions
Director: Peggy Goh
DOP: Lawrence Toh
Producer: Emma Liang Yaomin
Post house: Freeflow Post
Editor: Jay Sy
Colorist: Khien
Audio production: Fuse Singapore

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