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Oct 6, 2020

These non-conforming school uniforms are too cool for gender norms

Condé Nast Taiwan, Ogilvy Taipei and designer Angus Chiang created gender-neutral uniforms for a Taipei high school.

These non-conforming school uniforms are too cool for gender norms

The kids are alright. In fact, they're better than alright. They're an inspiration. 

That's true in many respects, but Ad Nut is especially impressed about the way young people embrace diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity. The acceptance is so complete that many school-aged youths don't even really consider it worthy of comment. Which is a beautiful thing.

Case in point, New Taipei Municipal Banqiao Senior High School, where the students pushed back against stereotypes by creating a day where they could wear uniforms normally meant for the 'opposite' sex.

Taking that idea further, Ogilvy Taipei, Condé Nast Taiwan and designer Angus Chiang have now unveiled a new line of school clothing suitable for all students—regardless of their gender identity or mode of expression.

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'Project UNI-FORM', featuring 11 gender-neutral pieces, debuted Sunday (October 4) during Vogue Fashion Week Taipei. An event at the Xinyi Chateau featured performances by high school dance clubs, followed by 24 student models showing the line's inventive (and Ad Nut has to say, fabulous) clothes. The event also included celebrities/influencers, such as actors Moon Lee and Ellen Wu, musician GOAT, and KOLs My Inspired Project and GarbageStoryBoy.

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The clothes will be on display at Xinyi Chateau North End until October 18. There's also an official website, lookbook, and Instagram presence. 

Ad Nut is told that the school has not formally adopted the new uniforms, but really hopes that it, or some other open-minded institutions, will. Let the kids lead the way.



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