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Jul 22, 2019

StarHub is teaching an uber-emo history lesson

To celebrate Singapore’s 54th birthday, the telco is highlighting the overlooked women in the nation’s past.

Ad Nut has broad musical taste and understands its power in promoting important messages. But for those who aren’t into high-pitched, pixie-sounding singing children, put StarHub’s latest Singapore National Day effort on mute, because the lesson at the heart of the campaign needs to be seen regardless of the soundtrack.

Celebrating Singapore’s 54th birthday this August 9, StarHub and its creative agency BLK-J have chosen to focus on a hugely underserved population in almost every country’s history: women. Ad Nut has heard of Sir Stamford Raffles, but was Ad Nut aware of Elizabeth Choy, a Singaporean war heroine, politician and teacher?

To Ad Nut’s shame, the answer is no. Ditto for Hajja Fatimah, one of Singapore’s first businesswomen in the 1800s, and Checha Davies, a social worker and women’s rights activist. So full plaudits to StarHub for highlighting these and other women’s critical contributions to Singapore’s development, embodied in two giant murals and one statue of the inspirational women, created by the school children. Labelling the women ‘founding mothers’ in the ad is also a very nice touch.

The school kids are singing a new version of a 2002 National Day song, ‘We Will Get There’. The result is a turbo-charged emo squeak of a performance, which left Ad Nut’s ears ringing a little. The message is very clear without the uber-twee singing. But given the power of the overall message, Ad Nut is willing to let it slide.

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