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Aug 4, 2020

Singpost celebrates the mailwoman as an unsung hero

A sweet new film to highlight the (often thankless) contributions of mailpersons.

We often pay little attention to a segment of frontliners in these tough times: the mailperson. In an endearing new film by Singpost, the mailwoman is placed front and centre as an unsung hero.

The film—conceptualised in-house—begins with a sepia-tinged flashback of a young Carolyn, an aspiring mailwoman who observes her neighbourhood mailman with envy and admiration. Fast forward to present day, Carolyn fulfills her career dreams and is seen at a HDB flat slipping letters into mailboxes. The narrative paints the life of a mailwoman as a lonely and sacrificial one, complete with footage of takeaway dinners and thankless recipients.

But it picks up for Carolyn. One grateful resident looks up the name of his mailwoman on Singpost (a feature Ad Nut was previously unaware about!). Perhaps it’s Ad Nut’s immense exposure to saccharine rom-coms, but Ad Nut was then expecting the two to get to know each other and eventually fall in love. It continues with the male character leaving snacks on his mailbox for Carolyn to notice and pick up. And she does! So far so good.

But this story ends with Carolyn going up to thank this lovely gentleman, only to meet the man’s wife and infant. Fine, maybe this wasn’t the direction the brand had in mind, but you can’t blame Ad Nut for replaying You’ve Got Mail approximately 13 times over this pandemic period. Don't judge, Ad Nut knows no one can resist a bit of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Nothing to fret for Carolyn, however. Upon entering his home, she was moved to see letters and postcards on the man’s wall, for which of course she was responsible to deliver. This is all to say that we should all be more thankful for the work of a mailperson, the invisible messenger between loved ones.

Singpost worked with Big 3 Media on production and Havas for the supporting campaign.

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