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Oct 2, 2020

Campaign Crash Course: Five tips on marketing to Gen Zs

Gen Z is fast becoming one of the most important consumer segments for brands, but do marketers understand what makes this generation tick? Find out how to speak to the digitally-native generation in a language they appreciate. And in true Gen Z style, test your knowledge with a quiz!

Welcome back to Campaign Asia-Pacific's Crash Course learning series, in which you will learn valuable lessons and practical business tips on trending and essential topics from industry experts in just five minutes. Think of it as a mini mini MBA, if you will.

Lessons will cover the breadth of the marcomms industry, including technology, creative, media, strategy, leadership, diversity and inclusion and more. We'll start off by introducing you to larger topics and delve deeper into specific elements in the future. This series is designed to be useful to C-suite executives as well as those just starting out in their careers.

The lesson

The fifth lesson in this series will provide tips on how to market to the much sought-after but often misunderstood 'Generation Z'—that is, those born between 1996-2010. This generation is fast becoming one of the most important consumer segments for brands with their growing spending power and influential voices. They are the first digital native generation, born into a period of rapid technological advances and innovations, and the societal unrest that comes with it. This tutorial uncovers five 'codes' that Gen Zs in Asia live by and how marketers can build effective strategies around them. 

In this lesson you will learn: 

  • The importance of authenticity.
  • How to approach technology.
  • What Gen Zs look for from brands.
  • How to approach social media for a generation born with it.
  • What marketing methods are likely to cut through with Gen Zs.

Your teachers

Today's lesson will be taught by two Gen Z experts: Alexis Cheong, a senior strategist at Havas Singapore and a vlogger in her spare time, and Kylie Sng, research and insights analyst at digital media company SGAG.

Havas has collaborated with SGAG to conduct qualitative and quantitative research on the Gen Z mindset, including attitudes towards media, consumption patterns, and types of content consumed.

Cheong has been a senior strategist with Havas Singapore for four years, before which she was a strategy planner at DDB Group Singapore, and an account manager and social media specialist at Tribal Worldwide. Sng has been an analyst with SGAG for more than two years, and is also an analytics lead at Hepmil Creators' Network.

The quiz

Once you're done watching this video, test your knowledge with this quiz:


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