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Jun 13, 2014

Bizarre Video Channel of the Week: The Evil Ventriloquist’s Show

In this weekly feature, TMG China points out and attempts to explain a surprisingly successful video channel. This week: The Evil Ventriloquist.

Channel: 腹语腹黑秀 (The Evil Ventriloquist’s Show)
Total Views: ~360,000
Channel subscribers: 36
Active since: January 2014
Number of videos: 20
Channel home page

Featuring two donkey dolls and a host who asks people with a positive outlook to NOT watch her show because she is the "queen of negative energy", The Evil Ventriloquist's Show is decidedly strange, but has nonetheless attracted sponsorship from Huawei.

Although the show could be put together with post-production effects, the human host, Ya Nan, insists on the authenticity of her skill and is very proud to call herself a ventriloquist. (We have to admit the strain evident in her throat muscles would be hard to fake.)

Ya Nan talks about a variety of unusual topics, such as 'second-hand fathers', uniform fetishes, forced match making, and menstruation. But by being 'negative' she also gained a lot of fans who like her straightforward, honest approach and courage to speak out. Her style stands out, especially in today's Chinese internet environment, where there is pressure to self-censor and talk only about everything that is good and beautiful.

Bizarre Video Channel of the Week is produced in partnership with TMG China, a Thoughtful Media Group company, which operates China’s first MCN, TMG Originals. Our aim is to provide intelligence about what consumers are watching—as well as a bit of Friday fun.


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