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Apr 26, 2018

All Blacks flash rainbow colours in support of AIG diversity campaign

TBWA/Hakuhodo developed a fabric that appears black but shows rainbow colours when stretched.

For an AIG Japan campaign entitled 'Diversity is strength', TBWA/Hakuhodo spearheaded the development of a fabric that appears black but displays hidden rainbow colours when stretched.

In a film (above), members of the New Zealand national rugby teams—the All Blacks and the Black Ferns—are shown wearing shirts made from the fabric. (Ad Nut checked, and they won't actually be wearing the shirts in competition.)

AIG Japan will use the "soon-to-be-iconic" shirt as the symbol in an ongoing initiative under which the brand says it will "foster charity programs that support its cause of building a community and network of people willing to stand together to fight against the injustice of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, physical and mental abilities, race and nationality".

The rainbow effect takes advantage of the physical properties of the fabric, which is elastic and ribbed. A special dye-printing process applies the rainbow colours to the grooves between the ribs, then applies black to the tops of the ribs only. When the fabric is at rest, only the black ribs show; when stretched, the colourful grooves are revealed.  

The brand planned to give away one of 200 shirts to Twitter users that follow @AIG_Sonpo and retweet with the #DiversityIsStrength hashtag (delivery limited to Japan).

The All Blacks previously appeared for AIG in its 'Tackle the risk' campaign in 2017 (see "AIG sets the All Blacks loose on Tokyo citizens"), which has been viewed more than 170 million times, according to the company. 


Chief Creative Officer:Kazoo Sato
Senior Creative Director:Takahiro Hosoda
Creative Director:Shuhei Tsuji
Senior Art Director:Keisuke Shimizu
Art Director : Yosuke Sugioka
Designer : Kana Takarada
Copywriter : Peter Souter(TBWA\London)
Copywriter : Tomoko Kasugai
Activation Planner : Kei Tominaga
PR Planner:Hideyuki Kobayashi
Executive Planning Director : Masa Okazaki
Strategic Planning Director : Keita Kawakatsu
Strategic Planning Supervisor : Chigusa Ogasawara
Strategic Planner : Yoku Ishida
Film Director (Making movie) : Shinri Abe
Senior Account Director : Kei Kaneko
Account Director : Tatsuya Horikoshi
Account Supervisor : Kasumi Shimada
Account Supervisor : Keisuke Egami
Account Supervisor : Mami Konisho
Fabric: Saqulai Inc. 
Costume Designer and Producer : Toshihiko Sakurai
Costume Director : Chika Sai
Costume Technical Staff : Yuka Sato
Costume Technical Staff : Nozomi Koike
Costume Technical Staff : Toko Matsumoto
Costume Technical Staff : Ai Mitsunaga
Producer : Keisuke Mizusako(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Producer : Masahiro Kawaguchi(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Global Producer : Jun Yoshikawa(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Global Producer : Riki Sakai(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Global Coordinator : Sumire Matsumura(Freelance)
Production Manager : Taisuke Konaka(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Production Manager : Maki Komiya(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Production Manager : Koichiro Narita(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Global Production Manager : Wataru Ode(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Global Production Manager : Takehiro Yamada(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Director : Hisashi Eto(CluB_A)
DoP : Justin Brown(Lux Artists Ltd.)
2nd DoP : Gen Ito(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Gaffer : Keisuke Kamiyama(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Production Designer : Etsuko Akiba(ART LABO)
Stylist : Chika Yokote(Freelance)
Hair & Make up : Saori Hattori(Freelance)
Casting Director : Emiko Hyakutake(Freelance)
Location coordinator : Shogo Hirai(Freelance)
Location coordinator : Eriko Kawanabe(Freelance)
VFX Supervisor / Finishing : Yusaku Yasuda(Cutters Studios Tokyo)
Post Prodution Producer : Raichi Hara(Cutters Studios Tokyo)
Offline Editor : Aki Mizutani(Cutters Studios Tokyo)
Colorist : Pete Ritchie(Cutters Studios Tokyo)
Colorist : Toshiki Kamei(Cutters Studios Tokyo)
Sound Mixer / Sound Designer : Mike Regan(Cutters Studios)
Music Producer : Tommy Zee(HOLOGRAM SOUND+MAGIC)
CG Producer : Asami Konno(Tsumiki. Inc.)
CG Producer : Taiyo Sato(Cafegroup)
Producer : Wataru Ito(amana)
Producer : Yusuke Hino(amana)
Producer : Yohei Ando(amana)
Photo retoucher : Kaoru Kobata(unICoRn digital retouching)
Designer : Kazuya Yamazaki(NUSH Incorporated)
Motion Graphic Designer : Shinnosuke Arima(EDP graphic works Co.,Ltd.)

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