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Apr 13, 2021

NZ All Blacks players ask men to check out their balls

Members of the rugby team appear in a new FCB campaign for Jockey-brand undies that 'text' their owners on a monthly basis to remind them to check for signs of testicular cancer.

NZ All Blacks players ask men to check out their balls

In New Zealand, Jockey is introducing a line of men's underwear called 'Remundies'. The name is a portmanteau of 'reminder' and 'undies', because the garmets are said to communicate with their owner by text, reminding them to check for signs of testicular cancer once a month.

To be clear, the undies themselves contain no electronics (unlike one reprehensible example we recall: see, "Sure, women should wear panties that call the police in case of rape"). Instead, the company is registering buyers for text reminders at

In addition to FCB New Zealand and the All Blacks, the initiative also involves Darkhorse (Jockey’s social and PR agency), Farmers as the exclusive retailer, and Testicular Cancer New Zealand.

Paul Hayes, marketing and fundraising director with Testicular Cancer New Zealand:

Every year 150 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer in New Zealand, but it’s beatable if you find it early. It has been great working with the team at FCB who came up with such an innovative idea to create awareness of this life-threatening cancer among a hard to reach target audience.

Click to enlarge, if you are inclined to examine the finer details of this image more closely (purely out of professional interest, of course).

FCB ECDs Peter Vegas and Leisa Walls:

We’ve been working with the testicular cancer team for six years now. The work has always been focused on creating lifesaving behaviour change, but the dream was to find a way to raise some much needed money at the same time. It’s taken a few years, but Remundies are now sneaking into undie drawers across the country and we couldn’t be happier.

Blessed with the phenomenal memory that's the genetic birthright of all squirrels, Ad Nut finds its hard to relate to needing reminders from one's undergarments for anything, let alone such an important task as making sure one's vital equipment stays shipshape. But since you humans are feeble-minded and easily distracted, this seems like a solid idea. Even if it just raises attention and awareness, it gets Ad Nut's kudos.

Also, Ad Nut deserves a medal for getting through this entire writeup without a single cringe-worthy double-entendre about nuts.

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