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Jan 16, 2015

Ad Nut: Hot women, same-sex relationships and adventurous hair

Ad Nut brings you good and bad ads from all over. This week, work for Sport England, Gillette, Lynx, Nikon, Adidas, Newcastle, Juicy Fruit, Pizza Hut and many more.

Ad Nut gathers ads from anywhere in the worldcreative works the editors here aren't planning to cover in Campaign Asia-Pacific's The Work section. Many of these come from our US, UK, India and Middle East colleagues (thanks, friends!).

Once a week, Ad Nut presents the latest collection here for your viewing pleasure. Because Ad Nut loves you.

Above: Ad Nut gives this week's top spot to 'This girl can', an outstanding TVC that shows women reveling in getting sweaty. It's part of a very impressive campaign by FCB Inferno for Sport England (a publicly funded body that promotes physical activity). Watching this makes Ad Nut realize how even the best commercial work targeting women (from the likes of Nike, for example) is still enslaved to extremely old-fashioned conventions of beauty and 'acceptable' feminine behaviour. There's none of that here. Just real women 'just doing it'—and not caring one little bit how you might think they should look or act while they do. As one of them says, "I kick balls. Deal with it." Bonus points for excellent use of Missy Elliott's Get Ur Freak On. (Via Campaign UK)   


Contrast the above against this big new campaign for Gillette's Venus line, by BBDO. No sane person (or squirrel) would argue with the message of independence and self-actualization. But what's that got to do with buying a prettily packaged razor to make sure you keep your legs and/or armpits silky smooth? At least the logo in the ad is not pink. (Via Campaign US)


Meanwhile, on the other side of the gender divide, Lynx and BBH want guys to take their hair out for adventures—before it's too late. Ad Nut likes that this TVC, which is playing in several markets including the UK and Australia, includes a guy-on-guy kiss that's not only NOT a big deal, but is basically a throwaway line. Now that's progress.


Speaking of same-sex relationships, the three real-world kids in the following ad seem really lucky to have their two dads. By McCann for Nikon's 'Generation image' campaign (Via Campaign US). And while we're at it, see also: Tiffany & Co.'s first ads featuring a same-sex couple.


This video promises 100 Japanese maids and some sizzling action. And it delivers. Don't worry, it's SFW.


This ad's tagline, 'I saw your willy', may sound silly. But it is anything but. A modern-day PSA by Leo Burnett for the UK's NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).


Newcastle supposedly can't afford a Super Bowl ad (as it's part of Heineken, we doubt that, but carry on). So the brand has put out a call for other brands to join forces for a slot during the big game on February 1. The call to action video is pretty funny in and of itself. (Via Campaign US)


If you think this Adidas film featuring Pharrell Williams, Rita Ora and David Beckham is annoying and pretentious, then Ad Nut agrees with you. Dear brands and agencies, please spare us the famous people agonizing over what it means to be famous and trying to convince us how much they deserve it.


Can you guess what this work from Turkey is advertising before the product shot shows up at the end? (Via Campaign Turkey)


Ad Nut both likes and hates Juicy Fruit's first TV advertising in 10 years. (Via Campaign US)


Ending a TVC with the tagline "Don't visit our website" may seem strange, but in this case it makes perfect sense. For a Canadian organisation called ParticipACTION by Toronto agency Zulu Alpha Kilo.


The world has so many flavours to offer. How can Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput possibly pick just one? Wink wink nudge nudge. (By Ogilvy for Pizza Hut, via Campaign India)


Ad Nut has always wanted to see De Niro and DiCaprio together in a Scorsese picture, but didn't expect that picture to be an ad for a casino. The videos below are 'trailers' for a 'full-length' ad called The Audition. (Ads for an ad! Hooray!) One's for a Manila development, the other for a casino in Macau. The trailers don't look particularly promising, but these three have earned the benefit of the doubt many times over, so Ad Nut will reserve judgment and hope against hope that they have created the greatest ad of all time. It should be, given the reports that Melco Crown Entertainment is putting $70 million into it. Brad Pitt is also involved, but his performance (in the Macau trailer) seems typically two-dimensional.  


Finally, what would a collection of videos from the internet be without a cat clip? Here's 'Frustrated cat', for Young's Seafood by Quiet Storm (via Campaign UK). And here are the outtakes, the behind the scenes footage and the kitty's contract negotiations. He looks like quite a diva, to be honest. Ad Nut would never be so difficult. Planters...Blue Diamond...Skippy...any nut-related my agent! 


That's all for now. Ad Nut will be back next week with more chestnuts. Please check out The Work section for Asia-specific ads, and follow Campaign Asia-Pacific on Facebook and Twitter (@CampaignAsia) to see new ads and more good stuff throughout the week.


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