ad nut

Dec 21, 2020

Our top 10 rantworthy ads of 2020

YEAR IN REVIEW: We pick the pieces of work that made us furrow our brows, throw up our hands in consternation and crack our knuckles to type extended critiques.

Jun 10, 2020

A young eco warrior's sustainability pledge strikes the right notes

Individual activism may help draw the attention of large corporates to looming eco disasters.

Mar 10, 2020

Pizza Hut, Ikea and a yummy take on pizza

Pizza Hut and Ikea have super-sized this Nut's dinner table, in a campaign by Ogilvy Hong Kong that smells invitingly of meatballs.

Apr 30, 2019

Wedding days and ill parents. Yes OK, you made us cry

This short film by Colenso BBDO and Spark has really ruined Ad Nut's eye makeup this morning.

Apr 9, 2019

100 of the best ads from Asia Pacific (according to us)

We could have called it the 'ultimate' list of best work from the region, but that would offend our appreciation of the variety of subjective responses to creativity. So we ask for your faith in our judgement—and for your help to expand this epic list from 50 to 100.

Mar 11, 2019

Ad gives first glimpse inside Singapore's Jewel Changi Airport

The hotly anticipated new complex, which hopes to indefinitely extend the time visitors spend at the airport, is seen for the first time in a sweet new campaign by Ogilvy.