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Apr 25, 2019

Avengers icons loom large over Kuala Lumpur

The Walt Disney Company and Dentsu X marked the Marvel movie's release with 300 drones.

A promotion for the new Avengers film placed Iron Man, Thor's hammer and other icons into the sky above Kuala Lumpur, courtesy of a fleet of 300 Intel drones—nearly one for each of the recent feature films set in the Marvel superhero universe.

Ad Nut kids. In fact, Ad Nut can only marvel at the overwhelming success of the Marvel films. And even though drone shows are kind of old hat by now, Ad Nut has to admit it looks pretty cool.

The event, which took place Tuesday, was organised by Dentsu X for The Walt Disney Company. The feat earned a place in something called the Malaysia Book of Records* for "most number of drones used in a light show". 

Good news if you missed it: The show will be repeated tomorrow at 8 and 10 pm, weather permitting.

* Ad Nut heartily recommends the Malaysia Book of Records website, where one may easily waste many happy hours perusing various achievements by Malaysian people and organisations, many of which are truly remarkable. Ad Nut particularly enjoyed the "Human Achievement" section, where one may learn about "the most number of hairstylists in an awards event" and "the most number of plates of 'char kuey' prepared in 1 hour" and "the most number of fish head curry variety in an event".

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