Pippa Glucklich
Jan 15, 2024

The end of sexual harassment is long overdue

Regardless of role, position or affiliation in the industry, we all have a responsibility to help put an end to this pervasive issue.

The end of sexual harassment is long overdue

With the holiday decorations packed away and as we head into week three of 2024, I’m sure you, like me, are looking ahead to your personal and professional goals. As the new chair of TimeTo, one of my key goals this year is to keep TimeTo high on the agenda with refreshed impact to deliver the goal of eradicating sexual harassment once and for all in our industry. 

I'm an active member and former president of Wacl and TimeTo has been a core focus for the club, whose mission is to support women and accelerate gender equality in the industry.

Sexual harassment affects all women, men and non-binary individuals and while it’s encouraging that the recent All In study showed a drop in the number of those experiencing sexual harassment from the previous census in 2021, in 2024 it is totally unacceptable that anyone at all has to endure it.

It’s also worth pointing out that our research shows that people (particularly those from marginalised groups) are unlikely to report sexual harassment for fear of not being believed or further discriminated against, so I’d suggest its highly likely this number is, in fact, much higher. 

That’s one of the reasons why maintaining TimeTo's relevance and effectiveness demands a multi-faceted strategy. As a communications industry, more than any other sector, we know how important it is to drive awareness and keep it top of mind. Our bespoke training, designed to educate and raise awareness, remains a critical pillar of our mission. It has seen significant support—96 companies and nearly 7,000 individuals have undertaken the training since it launched in 2021, which is fantastic, and it remains the linchpin to drive genuine behaviour change.

But for our mission to be complete, we need all industry organisations to undertake this game-changing training and get a real understanding of what sexual harassment is, what it isn’t and, most importantly, how to tackle it. As the new chair, I will champion and push for widespread adoption, encouraging organisations to become endorsers and prioritise training across all teams—and in their leadership team as a minimum. 

Continuity is important and, therefore, my aim is to ensure that the momentum against sexual harassment not only persists but accelerates. Yet it is the commitment to instill a sense of responsibility in individuals across businesses that remains our frontline task. 

Building on TimeTo’s successes so far, led by the fabulous Kerry Glazer, my becoming chair is a professional milestone for me and not something I take lightly; it's a deeply personal commitment rooted in my own experiences.

By way of background, my mum is an ardent feminist, who helped get the 1970 Equal Pay Act through parliament. My journey in the advertising and marketing industry has been shaped by a keen awareness of the challenges faced by women, who, we know, are affected disproportionatel by this issue. But I am well aware that there are significant challenges ahead. 

As we brace ourselves for the complexities of 2024—from political instability to a talent crisis, worsening economic pressures to a return to regular office work, and growing stress-related issues as organisations are doing more with less (to name just a few)—we simply must keep this all too widespread issue front of mind.

Organisations in the industry must actively engage in creating safer work environments, ensuring staff are educated on how to tackle sexual harassment and that they have the necessary tools to support one another. 

Stepping into the critical role of eradicating sexual harassment, my message to the industry is clear: Ending this pervasive issue is long overdue.

Regardless of role, position or affiliation in the industry, we all have a responsibility to help end sexual harassment for good. Together we can make a difference—a difference that is not only necessary but we know is achievable. Let us embark on this journey to transform our industry and create a safer, more inclusive space for all.

Pippa Glucklich is chief executive of Electric Glue and chair of TimeTo. 

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