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Jun 5, 2023

Indonesia's top brands for customer experience

The Indonesian list follows the top 50 CX brand ranking across Southeast Asia revealed at Campaign360, in partnership with Milieu Insight.

Indonesia's top brands for customer experience

GoJek comes as a clear winner on our list of top Indonesian brands by customer experience, using its home-turf advantage to edge out its ride-hailing super-app rival, Grab. 

The ranking stems from Campaign's authoritative list of Southeast Asia's top 50 brands for consumer experience, recently revealed at Campaign360 in partnership with research firm Milieu Insight.

Six markets were involved in the survey (Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam Singapore) whereby recognised brands across 11 sectors were ranked across five CX metrics: quality, buying experience, customer service, brand touchpoints (ease of use across all digital and offline brand interactions) and advocacy (degree of recommendation) to form their customer experience score.

Indonesia's Top 30 brands by customer experience score

Among the top brands, digital-first service and brands figure prominently, along with mobile hardware brands that enable better CX. But even QSR brands and FMCG brands like Lifebuoy and Nivea were able to score well in terms of quality and recommendations. It's also noteworthy that six of Indonesia's top 10 brands for CX were local brands, suggesting local familiarity can also be a comfort factor in a customer's overall experience. Let's have a closer look at the top performers.

Indonesia's top 10 

1. GoJek 

The ride-hailing superapp rival to Grab gains home market advantage in Indonesia, but also scored the highest of any brand in the market when it comes to seamless brand experience across all touchpoints, a category that tends to separate the leaders from the laggards. It's also critical for ride-hailing and food delivery with every transaction involving both consumer mobile and in-person service delivery touchpoints. 

2. Samsung

Samsung was the overall winner in SEA, so no surprise it does well here. In addition to having solid CX scores across the board in areas like quality, advocacy, Samsung is also ever-present across Indonesia with signage in every mall and all stores from mom and pop shops to megastores. Not only does it enjoy extremely high awareness, but it also has the third-highest score on seamlessness across all touchpoints. 

3. Shopee

Like Samsung, Shopee was a top CX contender across Southeast Asia, ranked second overall in the region. In Indonesia, it finished second in the all-important category of being optimised across all touchpoints between GoJek and Samsung but also scored in the top 10 in the overall buying experience. 

4. Dana

The Indonesian fintech is a popular digital wallet provider, which by its very nature facilitates transactions and enables more people in the market to participate in the digital economy. By promoting financial inclusion and ensuring ease of use in making payments, it has won a top 5 ranking for customer experience. 

5. McDonald's

The global fast food giant finishes 5th overall in Indonesia, as it does across Southeast Asia largely on the efficiency of its ordering and buying experience and fast service. Like Samsung, it benefits from high awareness scores, to begin with and only scores lower in the advocacy category. 

6. Grab

Across Southeast Asia Grab beats GoJek in every CX category, but wasn't able to do it GoJek's home market. In Indonesia, it slipped behind on its optimisation across touchpoints and buying experience  but nonetheless ranks highly among brands overall as consumers rely on the super-app for seamless service, payment and transport needs. 

7. Tokopedia

The sister company to GoJek as part of the GoTo Group, Tokopedia has been one of Indonesia's top ecommerce platforms for years. But being a home-grown brand doesn't make it immune from intense competition. Shopee edges out Tokopedia on touchpoints, buying experience and advocacy. Tokopedia's quality ranking was higher, however, and the Indonesian brand also beat out Lazada quite significantly, which had ranked more highly in other SEA markets. 

8. Telkomsel

Indonesia's largest telco is an enabler of better CX by virtue of providing the bandwidth for mobile phones to power brand interactions. But it also provided its own customers with a strong enough experience to receive solid top 10 scores in nearly all CX categories. 

9. Traveloka

The online travel service company ranked 30th overall in Southeast Asia but scored higher in Indonesia thanks to much higher than average buying experience and optimisation across touchpoints scores. Being an Indonesian brand surely doesn't hurt either. 

10. BCA

Indonesia's only bank brand to rate in the top 30 for CX, BCA has rated the second-highest brand in Indonesia for buying experience overall, only trailing TripAdvisor. It also was a top 10 brand in the market when it came to the quality of service provided. 


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