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Jun 20, 2018

Fox Content Labs and Unilever get active in recent campaign

Fox’s content marketing arm, Fox Content Labs, teamed with the consumer goods giant to deliver viewer-centric, short-form content across Fox Sports.

Fox Content Labs and Unilever get active in recent campaign

With so much talk of our fragmented media landscape, sports is one of the few mediums that still retains the power to unify marketing messages. It’s no coincidence that the Summer and Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup continue to dominate TV viewership every four years, captivating audiences on a global scale rarely seen among other media. In terms of growth, the global sports market ballooned to US$90.9 billion in 2017, with future growth expected particularly in Asia.

But despite its strength in numbers and its unwavering relevance, the way sports marketers go about reaching audiences is drastically shifting. Consumers now expect sports content to be lifestyle-orientated—top-tier athletes’ influence now reaches well beyond the court or the pitch, and social media plays an imperative role in getting viewers involved in sports-focused campaigns. Fans also expect an immersive, engaging experience with any sports-related content, a far cry from the static, spokesman-focused campaigns of yesteryear. The platform mobility of a campaign is also paramount, and although sports themselves still have a home on TV, sports marketers need to be active across digital outlets.

Setting a new standard

As one of the world’s oldest multinational companies and a brand many look to as a benchmark for innovative marketing, Unilever faced a unique challenge when scouting the right angle for its recent campaign for Rexona antiperspirant. Enter Fox Content Labs powered by Fox Sports, a network that, while sitting at the top-of-mind in traditional sports broadcasting, has made waves as of late with its own efforts in cutting-edge content marketing.

Using the stalwart credibility and production know-how of Fox Sports and its myriad affiliate channels, Fox Content Labs designed a Unilever campaign centred on the everyday athlete in all of us.

The brand took full advantage of Fox Content Labs’ in-house content creation capabilities, producing an episodic content series with several multi-platform episodes, including a 45-second film with 30-second cut downs and two 10-second bumper videos promoting Rexona MotionSense deodorant.
Taking the campaign’s reach even further, additional episodes were created across multiple platforms. The brand was featured in a sponsored Fox Sports TV show host segment, culminating in the ‘Rexona Trick Shot Challenge’. The challenge welcomed any and all sports fans to post their own user-generated content to The result was a 24-hour user mad dash to the website and to physical Trick Shot locations to make astounding shots and hole-in-ones known to the world.
This innovative campaign of content across TV, digital and experiential clocked a total of 1.5 million viewers, achieved 2.4 million digital impressions, and managed to bring back 150 percent ROI to Unilever across their markets in Malaysia and the Philippines.
Perhaps most importantly, the legacy Rexona built through the campaign solidified its position in sports, tying it firmly to an industry that will grow along with the brand in the years to come. And as we’ve learned from sports—legacy is everything.
For queries on FOX Content Labs, contact Andrew Edelson, head of FOX Content Labs at
For media queries, contact ‘Ain Omar Aid, PR director, FOX Networks Group Asia at


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