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Dec 14, 2023

Vivo urges parents to #SwitchOff their smartphones and rekindle family bonds

Vivo has rolled out the fifth edition of its #SwitchOff campaign, to highlight the essence of meaningful relationships, especially between parents and children.

Conceptualised by FCB India, the film unfolds within a family of three preparing for an upcoming vacation.

The little girl's excitement is overshadowed by her father's constant phone attention, leaving her feeling overlooked. A pivotal moment arises when the girl expresses that her favourite part of any vacation is the undivided attention she receives from her dad during a flight.

This realisation prompts her parents to address the issue, leading to a heart-warming scene where the father, to lift her spirits, pretends they are on a flight and switches off his phone, bringing joy to the little girl.  

Geetaj Channana, head of corporate strategy, vivo India, said, “While smartphones serve as invaluable tools in our lives, advocating responsible usage is crucial. With the fifth edition of this campaign, we encourage our audience to choose their #SwitchOff time, expressing love and fostering strong connections with family. Let's collectively pledge to #SwitchOff for our families on 20th December and truly #LiveTheJoy found in moments spent together. Additionally, in our commitment to address these concerns proactively, we have also introduced a personalised plan, in collaboration with our smartphone relationship advisor, Catherine Price. Available on vivo India Newsroom, this plan is designed to assist users in finding a harmonious balance between their relationships and digital exposure. I extend a warm invitation to all consumers to join us in this initiative, fostering a collective movement to enrich our genuine connections.” 

Abhinav Kaushik, president, FCB India, said, “Technology is an undeniable part of our daily lives, but the way it has pervaded into our lives, we are becoming subjects of a culture where technology, especially the smartphone, has started to become an inhibitor in our relationships with our loved ones. Shifting from the role of an enabler, if the smartphone turns into a device that isolates people around us, it leads to a serious compromise in human relationships. vivo has taken up the challenge to initiate change with this campaign, encouraging people to 'Switch Off.' This is a first-of-its-kind effort that boldly recognises the problem of creating a divide between kids and their parents, especially when parents are too immersed in their smartphones at all times. Once again, it acknowledges the issue and genuinely urges people to 'switch off' to 'switch on' their relationships with their loved ones—especially the children who often mimic their parent's behaviour. The father-daughter story and the heart-tugging emotion with a poignant take on smartphones form the very essence of this beautiful campaign.” 


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