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Nov 3, 2017

These foul-mouthed parrots are not funny

From the US: 'Cursing parrots' for Unicef by Grey New York.

Even though they swear like sailors, the birds in this found-footage spot (for Unicef by Grey New York) speak quite eloquently.  

Ad Nut thanks the ad nuts at Campaign US, who covered this work first (and included the creative credits).

Given the importance of the message, Ad Nut will refrain from complaining about how humans give parrots so much credit for being intelligent, when they're actually idiots who just happen to be good at mimicry. Yet a fully literate woodland creature gets almost no notice, let alone celebration. Hey, Ad Nut can talk as well as write! Stay tuned to this website and you may hear Ad Nut's dulcet tones soon.

Bonus tangent: If you're the type of pedant who's itching to point out that not all of the birds in the video are parrots, Ad Nut feels you. However, Ad Nut did some research before spouting off (this time) and found that phylogenically speaking, parrots are an 'order' that encompasses nearly 400 species. This includes not only many birds with "parrot" in their name but also cockatoos, macaws, lovebirds, cockatiels and parakeets. Now you know. 

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