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Oct 26, 2017

Dad and daughter trapped in Manila casino time warp

Someone ought to investigate what's going on in this profoundly disturbing video from Manila's City of Dreams.

In this wildly popular video (over 5.3 million views on Facebook since it was posted on October 17), a dad watches his daughter grow from babe-in-arms to bride on the arm of her groom. So the story apparently spans 15 or 20 years.

The action takes place entirely within the confines of the City of Dreams casino/resort in Manila, which is odd. But Ad Nut has uncovered even more shocking and disturbing news. Brace yourselves: The City of Dreams had its grand opening in Manila in February 2015. That's right, not even three years ago, people! Ad Nut knows casinos like to make folks lose track of time so that they'll spend more time gambling, but something more insidious and, dare Ad Nut say it, evil, is afoot here.

There's a disturbance in the space-time continuum, obviously. But there's also a coverup! Have you seen this on the news? Ad Nut didn't think so. Therefore, some brave soul must have smuggled this video out of the casino as a warning to all of us, no doubt at great personal risk. Ad Nut is sure it's a real video. Just look at the realistic wrinkles on the dad's face at the end! And it clearly shows the same girl/young woman at different stages of her ordeal; it couldn't possibly be excellent casting of separate actresses. That's what they want you to think! 

Ad Nut is concerned for these people and others who may be similarly trapped, especially the children. They're not only ageing at an alarming rate but are being forced to do horrific things. The younger ones are being menaced by big-headed cartoon characters and apparently have to cook their own food. As they age, they are coerced into wearing shoes that prevent them from walking normally and then must awkwardly disco-dance with their dads. And through it all, they keep huge smiles pasted on their faces, probably under threat of unspeakable violence.

Shudder. City of Dreams? More like City of Nightmares! Ad Nut asks, no, demands, that the authorities take action against this evil conspiracy! No, wait! The authorities are undoubtedly in on it. It's time for right-minded people to head to Manila and figure out what's going on directly. Who's with Ad Nut?! 

[Um, Ad Nut: Haven't we talked before about jumping to conclusions without doing even a slight amount of research? This is just an ad for the casino's event facilities. It was made by an agency and production house called Keyframe. It may be a bit sentimental, and yes, it's odd to think about a family having so many events in a casino/resort. But after all it is an ad, so it's really just doing its job. Anyway people seem to like it, and it's gotten the resort the attention it wanted. No conspiracy here. Move along. -Ed.]

[Update] Oh no, they've gotten to Ad Nut's editor. This conspiracy goes to the highest levels!     

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