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Oct 19, 2018

Songs to remember

‘MEMO_o_ke’ from Dentsu One Bangkok aims to help Alzheimer patients fight memory loss.

There are plenty of things Ad Nut would like to remember. Like, ‘Where did those nuts go?’ And, ‘Where did last year’s nuts go?’ Unfortunately, Ad Nut’s mind instead seems to be crammed with countless brand jingles from all the reviews done over the years.

Brands are well aware of the connection between music and memory, and studies also show that singing can help improve memory and mood for elderly patients with dementia.

With that in mind, The Alzheimer Foundation of Thailand tapped Dentsu One Bangkok to help address some of the problems faced by the 800,000 people in Thailand who suffer from the disease—and whose numbers are rising by 30,000 every year.

The result is a simple karaoke product with some deliberately omitted lyrics dubbed ‘MEMO_o_ke’ (see the underlined spaces representing omitted letters) to help stimulate memory among the elderly.  It can be played in groups at seniors’ group homes or individually by anyone on the MEMO_o_ke YouTube Channel, using the Metro Records playlist, or in CD format from partnering stores.

Ad Nut wonders if even regular karaoke might have a similar beneficial effect (with less frustration). But there’s clearly no harm in making a fun game out of singing. Plus, a product made specifically for the Thai elderly population with songs they’ll enjoy will surely benefit this community. 

Curiously we don't see many elderly people in the video, perhaps to avoid typecasting the product. Ad Nut supposes the more people involved the merrier when it comes to karaoke—except those who hog the stick mic.

Now if you'll excuse Ad Nut, Ad Nut needs to come up with a new jingle to help Ad Nut find Ad Nut's nuts. 

(No campaign credits were listed).

Note: All mentions of Ad Nut's poor memory above are for effect. In reality, Ad Nut's memory, like that of all of Ad Nut's squirrelkind kinfolk, is flawless.

Note 2: Ad Nut is proud of getting through this writeup about memories and songs without inflicting upon you two earworms: a certain 1970s hit song and a 1980s Broadway number. Aw, nuts. 

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