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Sep 6, 2023

Samsung Galaxy is 'shor' to cut through the noise

Noise might be everywhere, but Samsung Galaxy may have just the solution to cut it all out.

Do you know what really drives a squirrel nuts? NOISE.
Noise pollution is everywhere these days. You can hardly escape it, even up the top of a tree. There are still pesky birds chirping, buzzing drones flying above, and don't even mention the planes. 
While the woodlands are bad enough, Ad Nut can never understand how humans deal with the endless din that follows you wherever you go in the urban jungle. All those crowded cities with car horns honking, construction workers drilling, and people shouting rather than talking to be heard over the constant hum of city life. 
Ad Nut has often thought life would be so much better if it came with some kind of mute button. Well, as if by magic (and right on cue) arrives possibly the closest thing to it—courtesy of those tech geniuses at Samsung Galaxy.
In a newly-launched film produced by Cheil India, the brand's campaign demonstrates the new ‘Voice Focus’ feature in the recently introduced Galaxy A14 5G. 
The ad shows a person walking across narrow lanes in a busy Indian city, and suddenly he is followed by “noise-makers”. It begins with a couple of welders, followed by an orchestra, then two scooter riders arguing loudly, and some more. When he receives a call and the receiver (Bae) cannot hear him clearly, he switches on the ‘Voice Focus’ feature on his Galaxy A14 5G, which cancels the noise and enhances his voice quality during the call by filtering out the background noise and boosting vocal frequencies.
There is a God! Prayers answered. Finally a way to filter out the daily din!
“We had a product feature that was made for IndiaVoice Focus. All we did was demonstrate in a dramatic fashion how cacophony never leaves us in this noisy country of ours," says Vikash Chemjong, CCO, Cheil India who produced the film. "Once we did that, the rest of the ad ‘followed’ effortlessly so to say!”
“It is a digital first campaign and its appeal lies in the fact that while noise is everywhere, we need moments where we need to cut it out. The film is meant to inform consumers about Samsung’s latest innovative feature which is now available on the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G smartphones", said Srijib Mallik, head of business, Samsung at Cheil India.
Ad Nut applauds Samsung for this effort. They've listened (probably because they cut the noise out), and responded to the market with a useful feature that addresses a growing problem. Most of all, they've done this whilst demonstrating the invaluable sanctuary that comes a moment of silence in this always-bustling world.
Take note: The designing of noise-cancelling features on products is now officially one of the many ways to Ad Nut's heart. Get on it, humans. 
Until then, just keep it down. 
Peace out.
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