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Sep 26, 2023

Singlife ad wants viewers to embrace 'can-do' spirit in achieving financial freedom

Singlife's latest film is clearly the stuff of dreams for most people. Ad Nut prefers to keep its feet firmly on woodland ground.

Ad Nut simply can't understand why humans willingly accept deeply flawed systems like capitalism—where financial freedom is only achieved by a tiny minority, while for the majority, it remains a dream that slips further out of reach by the day.
The so-called 'humane' societies that humans have created seem unequal and exploitative to Ad Nut. That's why Ad Nut prefers to stick to the woodlands. After all, nature is fairer than man. For example, nature would never create a system that would allow a few greedy squirrels to hoard all the nuts, while the rest are expected to get by with next to nothing.
But if you aren't as fortunate as Ad Nut with a steady supply of cashews for a lifetime, and instead, happen to be a human who isn't born into a wealthy family, then financial freedom remains the dream. 
Singlife, a Singaporean insurance company knows this. And so they've delivered their latest brand campaign film aptly titled 'The Dream', which is designed to inspire and empower individuals across Singapore to embrace the 'can-do' spirit on their journey towards financial freedom.
The new campaign uses the quintessentially Singaporean expression "Caaaaan!" throughout, highlighting the parallels between its brand story and Singlife's commitment to helping Singaporeans achieve their financial goals.
In the film, a middle-aged couple embarks on an adventurous retirement journey, living in an RV amidst lush greenery and exploring the world. Singaporean celebrity Pierre Png, Singlife’s brand ambassador, makes a special appearance as their ‘dream’ neighbour before the film rounds up with the significance of pursuing one’s dreams, and how Singlife empowers Singaporeans to take the first step to achieving their unique vision of financial freedom.
Singlife's latest brand campaign is a resolute pledge to transform dreams into reality, igniting the path to financial freedom for people at every stage of life.
The couple discuss some of their dreams in the film, like "a trip to the Maldives", "getting the kids through uni" and "globetrotting." All very relatable. 
As novel as the idea is, something doesn't sit quite right with Ad Nut. For you see, as nice as these dreams are to have, they may well remain out of reach to most, with or without Singlife's help. 
Ad Nut appreciates that Singlife is trying to lend a helping hand here, but it's wildly unbelievable that a simple can-do attitude is all it takes to secure financial freedom, especially in today's volatile climate. There are real issues, real barriers and real implications for families and individuals looking to survive (before they can even thrive) in today's economic pressure chamber. Whilst it may not be intended, the film comes across somewhat diminishing to the struggles of everyday people who aren't as close to achieving liberty in the financial sphere (and may never be able to do so) and as such, the tone of the film is just a little too saccharine for Ad Nut's taste.
Sadly, Ad Nut is not entirely convinced by this ad, for perhaps, Ad Nut is too much of a realist.
Some parting advice: Try focusing your dreams on being a woodland creature in your next life. It's nuts.
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