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Jan 27, 2023

Nike inspires children to dream big with rousing Chinese New Year campaign

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai's new spot lets some of China’s biggest athletes turn back the clock and reignite the dreams that spurred them to greatness.

Ad Nut engages in a wide range of human pursuits, motivating human children is not one of them. That’s best left to real life heroes such as athletes who serve as stellar role models for tiny humans inspiring them to dream wild, engage in “little big talk” and mumble: “One day, I’ll change the world.”

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai pulls all stops this Chinese New Year to present a winner of a campaign. “Never Done Dreaming Big” works on several fronts: it ropes four of China's biggest athletes who turn into kid versions of themselves with the help of deep fake technology merging live-action video with computer generated faces, it's inspiring yet not over-the-top dramatic, and gets the tone and cultural nuance around a typical Chinese New Year celebratory dinner just right.

Making goosebump-inducing festive ads is a crafty feat. Ad Nut appreciates brands that tackle important issues and spread genuine positivity. The campaign will naturally stir-up emotional responses from the audience, it's a win-win for content and impact. 


Nike China
Brand Creative Senior Director: Simon Lee, Che Lin
Narrative Director: Michael Chien
Narrative Manager: Jovi Weng
Art Director: Diana Tang
Senior Designer: Scott Wang
Designer: Cyan Wang
Copywriter: Tiara Xu
Production Director: Kelly Zhan
Senior Producer: Sherry Xu, Ellie Sun

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai
Chief Creative Officers: Ian Toombs / Vivian Yong
Head of Creative: Matt Meszaros
Creative Director: Zhong How
Associate Creative Director: Uty Chen / Ruby Li / Jing Qiu
Senior Art Director: Huicheng Wu
Art Director: Huzi Hu
Senior Creative: Diye Zhan
Junior Copywriter: Zhaojing Qian
Head of Production: Fang Yuan
Leading Senior Producer: Diana Chew
Senior Producer: Vonny Shing
Producer: Mia Zeng
Production Assistant: Doreen Zhu
Head of Planning: Summer Yang
Senior Planner: Bart An
Junior Planner: Katie Li
Group Brand Director: Qinna Ye
Brand Director: Yuting Zhang
Senior Brand Manager: Esther Choi
Brand Manager: Jessica Liu, Lynn Kuo
Senior Brand Executive: Howan Tong
Business Affairs: Jessica Deng, Hui Ye, Gloria Ji
Head of Design: Juni Tsu
Designer: Dongni Liu, Loop Lu, Fenghe Luo, Tingru Hou

Leading Design Producer: Vic Zhang
Senior Retoucher: Changqing Lee
FA Artist: Dennis Chen
Teaser Editor: Juno Zhu

Production: Lunar Films
Executive Producer: Ken Yap
Director: Caroline Koning
Producer: Jacq Wilkinson
Producer : Feng Zhe
Line Producer: Wang Wei / Zoey.Z
Production Manager: Chen Jun
Production Coordinator : Arnold.L
Locations Manager: Wang Xu Dong
Production Assistant: Mao Run Hong/Chen Ze Sheng
1st Assistant Director: Jo.C
Stylist: Athena.W
Asst. Stylist: Shuang Shuang
Art Director: Tang Zheng
Assistant Art Director: Fiona.W
Props Master : Zhang Lin
DOP: Liang Zi
Focus Puller: Wang Xiao Wei
Gaffer: Xue Zhi Qiang
Grip: Zhang Yi Lu
Casting: Kelly Jin
Qtake :Chee Kee
DIT :Qin Yi Wen
Offline Editor: Chris Zimmermann, Shihao Zhang

Production: Republic Studios
Executive Producer: Eric Hu
Director: Giant Ant

Executive Producer: Teresa Toews
Executive Creative Director: Jay Grandin
Creative Director: Eric Pautz
Head of Character Animation: Sitji Chou
Head of 2D Animation: Conor Whelan

Illustration: Eric Pautz, Sitji Chou, Esther Cheung, Joan Chung, Tristan Menard, Sanaa-Agathe Coste, Colin Bigelow, Conor Whelan
Cel Animation: Sitji Chou, Esther Cheung, Louis Roba, Joan Chung
Clean Up Animation: Alex Murphy, Bruno Brasil, Aaron King, Margarita Rojas Lopez-Abadia, Fernanda Ribeiro
Compositing Lead: Conor Whelan
Compositing: Alex Murphy, Diego Maclean

Post Production: The Mill Shanghai
Executive Producer: Lily Li
Producer: Christopher Li
Production Assistant: Tingyi Su
VFX Supervisor: Schalk Van Der Merwe, Barry Greaves
Technical Director: Tommy Fu

Colorist: Nicola Gasparri
Color Assistant: Gloria Chen, Peter Yu, Zhenkun Mei
Color Producer: Iris Zhang
Data Engineer: Kan Lai
Data Wrangler: Anel Van Der Merwe, Yicheng Zhu
Compositors: Zhongyan Dai, Minnie Chen, Sally Lu, Chloe Gao, Jun Xu, Zhisong Liu, Sally Cui, Lina Yoo, Dada Cheng, Tingting Su, Min Min, Rose Pan, Qiu Cheng, Robin Liu, GZ Hsu, Tobey Tsao, James Corden
CG Asset: Aram Hakze, Cathy Xi, Selim Salah, Miya Shen
Animators: Alexey Petryaev
Lighting: Paolo Gnoni, ZhangYao, Limei Li

Audio Production: Animal Beast Production
Composer : Gustav P Karlstrom, Eirik Roland
Executive Producer: Josef Johansson

Audio Studio: Fancy Element (Vignette)
Executive Producer: Weiqiang Deng,Lu Zhan
Talent: Xiaotao Wen

Audio Studio: Hush Studios (Vignette)
Sound Recording: Jiaxi Wang
Producer: Kelly

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