Nikita Mishra
Aug 10, 2023

Passion takes the pitch in Nike and W+K Shanghai's latest work

Shanghai lights up, and Nike scores in style to elevate Chinese football star Wang Shuang's inspirational story.

Nike's latest touchdown in Shanghai isn't just a goal—it's a heart-pounding victory that rallies the nation to play with passion. Teaming up once again with their creative partners at Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, Nike has scored big with an electrifying football campaign that's nothing short of heartwarming.

Kicking off with a spectacular light show extravaganza at the iconic Tank Shanghai, the spotlight is on the Chinese football sensation Wang Shuang. Fans, fuelled by their own fervour, converged outside the historic West Bund Museum to shower Wang Shuang with heartwarming messages—a testament to her unwavering love for the beautiful game.

Dubbed ‘Play With Heart’ x Tank Shanghai, this masterstroke by Nike is a heartfelt tribute to a star who plays with every ounce of passion. The creative minds at Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai transformed the tank-like art gallery into a colossal canvas, painting Wang Shuang's signature heart gesture in larger-than-life brilliance. As night falls, the mural transforms into an awe-inspiring light show, weaving a tapestry of love and support from fans against a backdrop inspired by an enchanting feature animation.

But that's not all—this campaign's playbook goes beyond individual brilliance. An animated celebration of the Chinese Women's Football Team unfolds, highlighting their inspiring stories both on and off the field. It's a family portrait of determination, a mosaic of dedication that speaks volumes.

Matt Meszaros, head of creative at W+K Shanghai, aptly captures the essence of this symphony: "The teams' personal stories are an inspiration that we wanted to tell the entire country." And that they did, in a resounding chorus of cheers that reverberate across social media platforms, marking yet another triumphant partnership between Nike and Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai.

This campaign isn't just about football—it's about the heartbeat of a nation synchronised with the pulse of passion. Nike and Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai have once again conjured up a masterpiece that inspires people to lace up, play with heart, and leave an indelible mark on the field of life. Just like Wang Shuang and her "heart buddy," this campaign is a reminder that the game is more than just a sport—it's a journey of love, dreams, and unwavering determination.


Client: Nike China
Campaign: NIKE FA23 RV WWC
Print/Film: Vignette/Stunt/KV


Brand Creative Senior Director: Simon Lee, Che Lin
Narrative Director: Michael Chien
Narrative Manager: Jovi Weng
Art Director: Diana Tang
Senior Designer: Scott Wang
Designer: Cyan Wang, Lulu Zhang
Copywriter: Tiara Xu
Production Director: Kelly Zhan
Senior Producer: Sherry Xu, Christina Zhang
Producer:Daisy Su


Chief Creative Officer:  Ian Toombs / Vivian Yong
Head of Creative: Matt Meszaros
Creative Director: Zhong How
Associate Creative Director: Uty Chen / Ruby Li / Jing Qiu / Gem Xu
Senior Art Director: Huicheng Wu
Junior Art Director: Shuheng Fu
Art Director: Huzi Hu
Senior Copywriter: Journey Xie
Head of Production: Fang Yuan
Senior Producer: Iris Li / Rony Chan
Producer: Jazzy Zhao / Yifan Pan/ Leah Ai
Production Assistant: Doreen ZhuHead of Planning: Summer Yang
Senior Planner: Bart An / Alan Wu
Junior Planner: Katie Li
Co-Head of Brand Management: Qinna Ye
Brand Director: Yuting Zhang / Xueer Ren
Senior Brand Manager: Esther Choi
Brand Manager: Jessica Liu
Senior Brand Executive: Howan Tong / Wayne Zhang / Louise Cai
Business Affairs: Jessica Deng / Hui Ye / Gloria Ji
Head of Design: Juni Tsu
Designer: Loop Lu / Shiqian Pan / Chumeng Zong / Eighteen Zhang
Leading Design Producer: Vic Zhang
Senior Retoucher: Changqing Lee
FA Artist: Dennis Chen
In-house Editor: Juno Zhu

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