Oliver McAteer
Aug 20, 2018

Have a Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat in a zen garden

A 360-degree video for the product's Canada launch has racked up 7 million views and double the usual completion rate for the platform.

A 360-degree YouTube video for Kit Kat in Canada has racked up a video completion rate more than double the platform’s average ad.

'Zen break,' created in partnership with WorkInProgress, delivered a 35 percent lift in consideration and 100 percent lift in ad recall. It's garnered more than 7 million views.

The campaign pushed Kit Kat’s new Matcha Green Tea bar. The product enjoyed huge success in Asia, prompting Nestle Canada to bring the product to its own market.

"We’re introducing a new product, not keeping a big brand name top of mind," said Evan Russack, partner and head of account and strategy at WorkInProgress. "An interactive :60 is a much more memorable and breakthrough way to do that. And the completion rates defy conventional thinking."

WorkInProgress developed the idea to create a Green Tea Zen Garden that would put viewers in a state of relaxation, tying into Kit Kat’s "Have a Break" brand position.

The agency developed a media strategy that targeted existing and new consumers that had the right demographic makeup for this product across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The immersive video, complete with a guy named Ken raking sand, babbling brooks, lush greenery, and a meditating yogi, earned a 48 percent completion rate compared to the YouTube average of 24 percent.

Matt Tabot, the agency’s other partner and head of creative, added: "If Kit Kat believes in encouraging people to have a break, we can use its advertising to do just that. So we didn’t just introduce the new Green Tea Kit Kat. We gave people a zen break."

Kit Kat is owned by Hershey's in the U.S. It is not known if the Matcha Green Tea product will be launched in the market. 

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