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Jul 29, 2020

Taiwan Mobile prepares for next stage with brand refresh

REBRANDING EXERCISES: Superunion upgraded the mobile carrier's logo and overall visual identity while introducing a new tagline. Read all about it and tell us what you think.

Superunion has carried out a brand refresh for Taiwan Mobile, which was unveiled in late June. 

The year-long project included consultations with company leadership, internal staff, consumers from multiple generations and Taiwan’s most influential key opinion leaders. Although a name change was considered, the findings resulted in a new brand strategy, messaging and visual identity.

The new tagline, 'Open possible', and the modernised visual identity are meant to signify the carrier's move into providing 5G service and to express its desire to help customers "achieve more and dream bigger", according to the companies. 

Superunion redrew the logo and altered the colour palette and typeface with a focus on Chinese type and more digitally led expression, according to the agency.

Although the previous logo was similar (see the before images in the gallery above) the agency dialled up the presence of orange palette to give the brand an 'ownable' colour, and created the logo in a 3D shape that also serves as a holding device for content.

“What a hugely exciting moment of creative transformation for Taiwan Mobile," Benedict Gordon, CEO of Superunion Asia, said in a release. "'Open possible' is a call-to-action for the next generation of consumers in Taiwan who are looking for progressive, digital-first experiences. We’re very proud to have played a part in defining the next chapter for such an iconic brand.” 

What do you think of Taiwan Mobile's change? Let us know via the popup survey on this page (you can refresh the page if you already dismissed the survey). We'll share the results here later.

Update: More than 90% of respondents to our popup survey rated the refresh as "great". The survey is now closed.

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