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Jun 19, 2024

The Philippines' top 50 brands

Online retailers, digital wallets, tech or e-commerce giants—check out which brand earned the coveted top spot for exceptional consumer experience in our research with Milieu Insight.

The Philippines' top 50 brands
Tech giant Samsung has beaten stiff competition to claim the top spot on our list of the best-loved brands by consumers in the Philippines. The South Korean electronics major beat out homegrown favourites like Jollibee and GCash to take the first spot on the list. Samsung benefited from achieving the highest brand awareness score of all brands (93%) and top scores in the quality, trustworthiness, and innovation categories. 
The ranking stems from Campaign's authoritative list of Southeast Asia's top 50 brands, recently revealed at Campaign360 in partnership with research firm Milieu Insight.     
Six markets (Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore) were involved in the survey, in which recognised brands across 10 sectors were ranked using nine brand attributes, including awareness, purchase, quality, buying experience, customer service, trustworthiness, innovation, brand touchpoints (ease of use across all digital and offline brand interactions), and advocacy (degree of recommendation), to form their score.
The Philippines Top 50 brands by overall score
The brands that Filipinos over-indexed on were related to food and meal delivery, accounting for almost one-third of their top 50 brands. Online retailers and digital wallets scored well, with Lazada and GCash joining Shopee to make up three of the top six brands. These companies are best positioned to provide smooth and easy shopping experiences. Meanwhile, homegrown brands such as Jollibee, GCash and Philippine Airlines claimed three of the top 10 spots. Aside from that, the Philippines' top 50 had a relatively balanced selection of personal care brands (11), mobile and streaming service providers (6), electronics (5) and apparel brands (5). 

Complete market analysis of SEA's top 50 brands for 2024: 

Let's have a closer look at the top performers. 
1. Samsung
Samsung's number one finish across Southeast Asia is helped by its impressive brand awareness scores, and the same is true for the Philippines, where it also topped the list. Consumers appreciate the high quality of Samsung's products (1st in quality), and it is also the brand Filipinos are most likely to recommend to others. In addition, it achieved the highest score for consumer touchpoints, trustworthiness, and innovation.  
2. Shopee
Shopee came second overall for its best brand score, but Filipino shoppers gave it the highest customer experience score across all brands in the list. As a brand, it was ranked highly for its customer experience across all its online and offline touchpoints. The leading e-commerce platform also received the second-highest score for purchase frequency, with only Jollibee ahead of it.
3. Jollibee
Jollibee came third in the list of best-loved brands in the Philippines but was the top Filipino brand overall and the top food brand in the ranking. It achieved a top score for consumer touchpoints and tied with Samsung as the brand Filipinos most likely recommend. The fried chicken giant benefits from high market awareness and picked up the second-highest score in the trustworthiness category. It only slid outside the top 10 when it came to quality. 
4. Watsons
The drug store retailer's fourth-place showing in the Philippines is in line with its fifth-place showing in Southeast Asia overall. There, it excels at brand awareness, in-store buying experience, and customer service. It is not a leader in any brand category but made the top three for consumer touchpoints and trustworthiness. 
5. GCash
As the Philippines' top digital wallet brand, consumers look to GCash to enable most daily online purchases. It scored exceptionally well across all categories, achieving high scores for buying experience and was a brand many Filipinos said they would recommend. It completed the second-highest score for innovation (65%), finishing just one percentage point behind Samsung. 
6. Lazada
E-commerce giant Lazada finishes sixth in the Philippines, as it does in Southeast Asia. It scored highly for brand awareness and purchase frequency but fell behind other brands in the top 10 regarding trustworthiness and recommendation. In any of the brand categories, it could not beat its closest rival, Shopee. 
7. McDonald's
In the Philippines, McDonald's achieved a respectable 7th place ranking, insufficient to outrank Jollibee, which has always taken the lead as the market's fast-food favourite. McDonald's is a top scorer in brand awareness and purchase frequency, and it has consistently achieved good scores across most brand categories, including buying experience and trustworthiness. However, the fast food giant falls outside the top 10 in terms of quality of services.
8. Netflix 
Netflix is the only streaming platform to make the top 10 of the Philippines' best-loved brands. While it didn't achieve a high purchase score, meaning it was too expensive for most, the brand's awareness is high in the market. For Filipinos who are Netflix subscribers, they helped the streaming giant achieve the highest score for buying experience and the second-highest score for quality of services, finishing just one place behind Samsung. It also scored highly for customer service, trustworthiness and innovation. 
9. Apple 
Filipinos know The tech giant well, achieving one of the highest brand awareness scores overall (87%). However, it trails its closest rival in every category, mainly purchase frequency, where it received one of the lowest scores overall. Their price positioning is considered too expensive for most, so other budget phone makers are preferred over Apple's high-end handsets. However, Apple is a top scorer regarding quality of services, buying experience, customer service, trustworthiness, and innovation. However, close rival Samsung outperforms Apple in every category except for buying experience. 
10. Philippine Airlines 
The Philippines' flag carrier is the only travel brand in the top 10. It scores highly across the quality of services, buying experience, and customer service. Filipinos know it well and have achieved one of the higher brand awareness scores. However, purchase frequency remains low, suggesting their price posting might be too expensive for most. Nevertheless, it is among the top scorers when it comes to trustworthiness.



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