Oct 18, 2016

Measuring outdoor media performance

Elevator screen-time is coming of age as performance ratings that take a cue from television are now available for screens in 20 cities across China.

Measuring outdoor media performance

The advertising network in office lobbies and elevators are now recognised as reliable anchors that deliver consistent results in the media mix. With a reach of over 80 million people weekly and a penetration rate of over 84 percent, the system can now be further evaluated with performance metrics that made television such a vaunted media format.

Six years since the launch of its measure system of outdoor media performance, Infosys+ Out Of Home (OOH), Focus Media now covers 20 cities in China including four Tier-1 cities and effectively reaches 108 million monthly through its Building LCD TV Ads.

Tracking outdoor media

Infosys+ OOH introduces the same evaluation indices in TV ratings to outdoor media — such as ratings, GRP, reach, frequency. Scientifically measuring LCD media impact, Infosys+ OOH provides analysis for audience geography diversity, time slots, and other outdoor media characteristics.

Infosys+ OOH introduces the same evaluation indices in TV ratings to outdoor media — such as ratings, GRP, reach, frequency.

Indices such as GRP/reach (N+ percent), which measure an advertisement’s impact in a campaign and which is used frequently, are also provided.

New technologies are expected to greatly lower the cost of advertising through improved accuracy.

In development since the launch of the network, the performance measurement has been a welcome tool for media planners and advertisers. With an integrated system, access to impact performance reports of their ads can be generated once users input ad details such as length, campaign period, cities, names and audience profiles, providing an indispensable tool for more qualified and accurate statistics.

Optimising with insight

With evolutions in the media ecosystem moving the industry forward on a daily basis, there still remains three core fields: traditional media, Internet media and lifestyle media. Each of them have their own dominant player — CCTV is the representative for the traditional media, known for its extensive coverage and high credibility.

The triumvirate of BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) form internet media’s main organisations. But it is the understated and effective lifestyle media such as Focus Media that media planners rely on repeatedly for efficient solutions with high and comparable reach.

With performance ratings now available, Infosys+ OOH can help the media operator optimise their advertising plan. The N+ percentage, which is a measure of the efficacy of the ad on the target audience, is available for marketers to identify trend fluctuations.

With more control for the marketer to leverage, it surfaces insight which can be used to influence dramatic performance enhancements. Tracking the performance of OOH has also led to a host of explorative activities which leverage the loop-play video media and improvements to media channel operations. In one case, the increase of frequency boosted reach by a whopping 3 percent.

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