Babar Khan Javed
Jul 20, 2017

Google introduces voice based search within analytics

Democratizing access, Google has launched a voice based interface for users of Google Analytics, lowering barriers to entry for those unqualified or unfamiliar with the system.

Analytics Intelligence, the new voice based integration from Google.
Analytics Intelligence, the new voice based integration from Google.

In an effort to simplify its user interface, Google has integrated the voice capability of Android and Search into Google Analytics. The move will allow new users of Google Analytics (GA) to find what they are looking for without maneuvering across the dashboard in a flurry of clicks.

"The addition of voice search could improve a company's operational efficiency," affirmed Vincent Niou, the senior programmatic director for the APAC region at Essence, "by allowing more folks to ask and gain answers to basic queries, freeing up analysts to devote time to more complex tasks."

Similar to human conversation, the integration will respond with a dashboard that corresponds to the question asked from the platform by any registered member of an organization, questions, and requests such as "show me the custom report on the Summer 2017 campaign".

Dubbed, 'Analytics Intelligence', the new feature will help democratize GA with natural language and machine learning. The goal is to usher in an eventual 'new normal' where GA will become easier to use and more accessible to more people.

"The digital skills gap can be closed by doing or by learning, and with this tool, we hope that our clients that can access the data that concerns them without being intimidated by the perceived complexity of the GA experience," said Wyze Siddiqi, chief business officer at MWM Studioz. "I look forward to seeing more languages added to the system."

Given Google's track record with machine learning and its access to eager early testers on the advertiser and agency spectrum, that is likely to happen soon.

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