Lucy Shelley
Mar 28, 2024

Adobe unveils AI content creator for ad campaigns

Adobe announces partnerships with Microsoft and IBM.

Adobe: generative AI updates to Adobe Experience Cloud, Creative Cloud and Firefly
Adobe: generative AI updates to Adobe Experience Cloud, Creative Cloud and Firefly

Adobe has released a generative AI-powered ad creation platform aimed to make creating and publishing campaigns easier for marketers.

The GenStudio application was revealed at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas yesterday (26 March), alongside an AI assistant for Adobe Experience and updates to Adobe Firefly, the software company’s generative AI model that launched in March last year.

Adobe claimed the moves will “fundamentally change how brands create and produce content to deliver personalisation at scale”.

GenStudio is a centralised platform on to which marketers can upload brand guidelines for visuals and copy, and preapproved assets to be used alongside generative AI. It will generate prompted backgrounds for products while ensuring the tone remains on brand.  

The assets created can be adapted for different channels across email or social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. 

GenStudio can measure which attributes, generated assets and campaigns are performing best and suggest AI prompts for future campaigns.

Adobe also announced an AI chatbot assistant for its Experience Cloud – a conversational interface that can answer technical questions, automate tasks, simulate outcomes and generate audiences and journeys across applications.

Adobe Experience Cloud is up against competition from other AI image generative software, such as OpenAI’s DALL-E.

Adobe announced a partnership with Microsoft to integrate software from its Experience Cloud platform with Copilot for Microsoft 365.

“By integrating contextual marketing insights from Adobe Experience Cloud applications and Dynamics 365 within the flow of work through Copilot for Microsoft 365, we deliver on our shared goal while helping marketers streamline their efforts, break down barriers and deliver exceptional results.”

Firefly services for Adobe’s business platforms will be updated to support users with creative control and simplification of the image generation process.

Adobe expanded its global partners to also include IBM and Henkel.

Billy Seabrook, global chief design officer at IBM Consulting, said: “The rising expectations for customer experiences have compelled brands to rethink how they produce and personalise marketing content at scale.

“Adobe applications have been instrumental in our creative process and now, with Firefly, we can rapidly generate imagery and templates in a range of styles and sizes to align with brand standards and enable more people to participate in the creative process.” 

Customers to be showcased at the three-day summit include General Motors, NBC Universal, Pfizer and DHL.


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