4 days ago

What the printing press democratisation of knowledge can teach us about AI

Businesses must embrace AI across operations, services, and strategy or risk becoming obsolete, warns Fujitsu's APAC CEO Graeme Beardsell.

4 days ago

Reports: Applying gen AI to marketing can help life-sci firms unlock billions

As AI fluency improves in pharma marketing, consultants say drugmakers can realise billions in revenue and cost savings.

Apr 9, 2024

Is there a future for the brand mascot?

From Ronald McDonald to Tony the Tiger and the Michelin Man, brand mascots used to be ubiquitous and beloved. But where have they all gone?

Apr 7, 2024

Google reportedly planning to charge users for its AI-powered search

Incorporating Google’s AI-powered search features into its premium subscription model has emerged as the most likely route for a revenue model change-up, as the search giant attempts to offset some of the billions spent on generative AI innovation.

Apr 3, 2024

Brandtech Group raises $115 million in AI funding

Jean-Marc Antoni will retire into a part-time advisory role.

Apr 3, 2024

Will AI power a reboot of full-service agencies?

In a year where major agency groups are ramping up their AI efforts, the convergence of media and creative holds the key to dismantling silos.