2 days ago

WFA census shows Japan faces the highest inclusivity challenges

Japan trails far behind in terms of how companies deal with discrimination, negative behaviours, mental health, and diversity and inclusion perceptions, according to WFA's second WFA global census.

3 days ago

Industry reacts to Google’s rumoured search partnership with TikTok

Is 'GoogleTok' an opportunity for brands to access better customer insights or a data privacy breach waiting to happen? How should brands respond if it goes ahead?

3 days ago

How gaming brands are reimagining themselves to capture today's audiences

Pac-Man, Tetris and Monopoly are appealing to younger gamers through their clever use technology, collaboration and consistency.

3 days ago

The echo chamber effect: How algorithms shape our worldview

While we hold information at our fingertips, it’s also becoming essential we know how to be responsible with it. By challenging our own biases and actively seeking diverse perspectives, we can break free from the confines of the echo chamber and promote intellectual growth, argues PR Concierge's Sruthi Dhulipala.

4 days ago

Getty Images launches AI-driven image creator

The new tool allows customers to generate photos from word prompts and is solely trained on Getty Images’ own licensed images with full protection and usage rights.

4 days ago

Advertising Association forms AI Taskforce in UK

Due to meet for the first time this week to examine ethics and creativity gains.

Sep 26, 2023

Indonesia to regulate social commerce: What should marketers expect?

An impending law is being introduced in Indonesia, allowing the government to determine how e-commerce vendors sell their products on social media. Campaign explores.

Sep 26, 2023

As writers’ strike draws to a close, ad industry expects some behaviors to stick

Media buyers say the Hollywood strikes have caused advertisers to demand more flexible, addressable ad buys, expected to be a permanent shift.

Sep 25, 2023

Tecno's global CMO on how to build a global brand with local storytelling

From traveling around the world to better understand local consumers, and adapting to the ever-changing needs of Gen Z, Chinese mobile brand Tecno's global CMO Laury Longfei Bai shares why he'll "stop at nothing” to build a global brand.

Sep 22, 2023

India leading the world in terms of how people and businesses have embraced messaging: Mark Zuckerberg

The Meta CEO announced a slew of new features that will help users facilitate interactions with businesses within a WhatsApp chat, at the company's annual 'Conversations' conference held in Mumbai

Sep 22, 2023

The CMO's MO: Damyant Khanoria on 'risk-taking' and sustainability in the smartphone space

Oppo India's chief marketing officer gets candid on speaking five languages, his three focus areas for Oppo, and following the brand's mantra of 'doing the right things and doing things right'.

Sep 22, 2023

Wunderman Thompson develops tech to analyse emotional responses to ads

Creative testing solution studies micro expressions to determine which elements of a video ad users pay the most attention to.

Sep 22, 2023

Twitter / X paywall? No one will pay for a town square without value

Amidst a flurry of changes, dropping ad revenues and now, possible subscription models, Clarity's Rachael Berkey gets real about why she won't be paying for 'Elon Musk’s shell of a global town square'.

Sep 21, 2023

Internal communications takes center stage in Google antitrust trial

The U.S. Department of Justice grilled a Google executive on Friday on internal comms policies the government alleges were used to conceal anticompetitive conversations.

Sep 20, 2023

The accelerated (r)evolution of experience marketing

Project Worldwide's APAC chief executive, Ben Taylor, shares four fundamental shifts that will shape experiences in 2023.

Sep 20, 2023

YouTube blocks Russell Brand from receiving ad income from his channel

The platform claims the controversial comedian has violated their creator responsibility policy, following multiple allegations of sexual assault unveiled in a new documentary.

Sep 19, 2023

How Neil Patel's NP Digital uses SEO strategy to fuel its rapid APAC growth

One of the fastest-growing independent agencies according to Campaign AI, we take a deeper look at NP Digital, a performance marketing shop co-founded by Neil Patel and how the agency is growing its footprint in APAC.

Sep 18, 2023

Brainlabs eyes global expansion with new private equity investment

The digital agency founded in 2012 has grown by 800% since Livingbridge’s investment in 2019—including launching across Latin America and APAC.

Sep 18, 2023

TikTok fined by EU for risking children’s data: APAC marketers react

The Bytedance-owned app has been taken to task for making it easy for minors to sign up to the platform with limited protections in place.

Sep 18, 2023 CMO on their global B2B outreach with tools, problem-solving and storytelling

Liz Wang, CMO of, is leading their international efforts to help buyers and merchants solve supply chain issues with events and campaigns to keep the Alibaba brand at the heart of global commerce.