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Apr 16, 2021

Uncle Tobys attacks green juices, reality TV and...throw pillows?

The Nestle brand pairs up with Ogilvy Sydney in a bid to inspire the country to ‘wake the fake up’.

Nestle-owned oats brand Uncle Tobys is declaring an ‘oatervention’. That is, a bid to rid people of fake, unfulfilling habits that leave them feeling empty. Such as, of course, the popular human habit of buying far too many throw pillows. In one of three 15-second spots, comedian Dave Thornton ceremoniously says: “We’re drowning in throw pillows. Pillows that pretend to be pillows. Wake up from the fluff”. Well said, Mr Thornton. Finally, we see a brand brave enough to speak up about the often-overlooked subject of pillow-excess.

In another spot, Thornton rightfully goes after two women in activewear who are sipping on green smoothies, which incidentally Ad Nut tried once and wondered for days why humans do this to themselves. And finally, Thornton ditches reality TV for the ‘real stuff’. This is the only area that Ad Nut would mildly oppose; perhaps Mr Thornton hasn't been exposed to the right shows, so Ad Nut would sincerely like to invite Thornton to hole up and watch humans throw profanities at each other.

The campaign kicked off last Sunday with TV spots and will extend to OOH, a NOVA radio partnership and social. In May, the brand will extend the campaign by launching an online activation that will allow Aussies to discuss their unfulfilling habits and how their behaviours compare to rest of the population.


Client: NESTLE – CPW

Head of Marketing: Michelle Katz
Marketing Manager: Cheree Andrews
Senior Brand Manager: Linda Nguyen

Creative: Ogilvy Sydney

Creative Director: Andrew Hankin
Copywriter: Lucas Fowler
Art Director: Jack Burton
Chief Strategy Officer: Toby Harrison
Strategy Director: Heather Sheen
Strategy Director: Rachel Pool
General Manager: Nathan Quailey
Group Account Director: Damien Pashby
Senior Account Director: Matt Richards
Account Manager: Natalia Fallas
Executive Producer: Rob Spencer
Agency Producer: Tom Scarcella
Production: Ogilvy
Director: Steve Saussey
Producer: Lib Kelly
Sound: Song Zu

Media: UM

Group Director: Angela Swayne
Sydney Strategy Director: Matt Furlong
Partnerships Director: Harpreet Chahal
Connections Design Director: Liam Swann
Senior Client Director: Carol Kearney / Dan Morgan
Senior Partnerships Manager: Ray Ly
Partnerships Trader: Emma Le

PR: Forward Agency

Founder & Managing Director: Fergus Kibble
Account Director: Siobhan Veddovi-McCaughan
Senior Account Executive: Lizzie Agar
Account Executive: Analisse Mammone

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