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Sep 19, 2023

Tiger Beer launches beer-infused ‘summer puffer’— because practicality in fashion is overrated

Look whacky and stay frosty—the fashion statement you never knew you needed.

Every now and then, Ad Nut emerges out of the jungle’s leafy embrace to delve into the thorny underbrush of advertising. This week, it’s bizarre fashion that leaves Ad Nut scratching its furry head in bewilderment.

While Ad Nut gathers solace in the simplicity of nut-gathering, the world of fashion takes a sharp, surreal turn each season. From meme-worthy runway ensembles to clothing defying the laws of gravity and taste, it’s a jungle out there in the fashion world.

In the latest, Tiger Beer has joined hands with London-based, Chinese-Canadian designer Izzy Du to launch what it calls, the world’s first puffer jacket with a beer-powered cooling system explicitly made for summers to keep the body cool in the tropical heat.

You read that right, but let’s have it again for impact: Tiger Beer has created a puffer jacket with a beer-powered cooling system for the tropical heat of Asia. Take a look at the pictures below.

Ad Nut is no fashion expert, but Ad Nut's eyes nearly puffed out of their sockets at the thought of this mind-bending ingenuity. Because who doesn't crave a chilly beverage circulating through their clothing on a muggy summer day? Perhaps fashion-forward folks in sweltering climes have not been yearning for flowy linen outfits but for a jacket that screams, "I'm so cool, I literally have beer flowing through my veins."

“Making a puffer for the summer is an external expression of how refreshing and cool it feels to drink a Tiger. I started with the feeling of opening an ice-cold can of beer, and playing with the colours of the brand, before imbuing the aesthetics of the puffer with a new function,” said Izzy Du.

Tiger Beer fined-tuned the science and tech behind this chill couture in Japan’s Whatever Co. creative studio. The team here diligently tested tube placements, tube materials, and water tank designs. Astronauts, no less inspired the engineering. Because naturally, humans want to channel their inner astronaut when they’re out and about in the scorching sun. The creative team also faced the harrowing dilemma of the jacket becoming "too cold to wear." A true fashion emergency, to be sure.

“The puffer jacket is one of fashion’s hottest items amongst Gen Z and millennials across Asia, but there’s one challenge: it can’t be worn in the heat of the tropics," says Sean O’Donnell, the global brand director at Tiger Beer. "At Tiger we have been defying the odds since 1932 by brewing beer in tropical weather when others said it couldn’t be done."

"Tiger Crystal refreshes you when you’re on fire, so why not make a puffer jacket with a beer-powered cooling system that does just that?” he quips. 

Let’s talk about the design. Ad Nut likes the veritable homage Du pays to tigers: the design is bold and catchy with orange hues, ears, fangs, and subtle stripes. If the idea was to look chic rather than outrightly resemble a ferocious feline as one melts under the summer sun, this definitely works.  

This grand tradition of peculiar limited-edition collaborations reminds Ad Nut of Heineken’s beer sneakers that came out last August. Remember sneakers with beer-injected soles that allowed users to “walk on beer”? Okay, look at the picture below to refresh your memory. 

As a sucker for practicality, Ad Nut can’t help but reason that at least those had the option of allowing one to drink from them. But a beer-cooled summer jacket? Well, that's on a whole new level of absurdity. But then again, fashion is not for everyone. Those who defy the conventional and wear eccentricity like a badge of honour might consider it a must-have. Cheers for thinking outside the beer can!

The piece of limited-edition wearable technology will debut at Paris Fashion Week that runs from September 25th to October 3rd, 2023.

Tiger Beer has released a behind-the-scenes film for anyone keen to learn about the beer-powered cooling system. 


Client: Tiger®
Global Brand Director, Tiger®: Sean O’Donnell
Global Marketing Manager, Communications & Digital, Tiger®: Melissa Teoh
Agency: BBH Singapore / LePub
Global CEO of LePub, Global CCO of Publicis Worldwide, CCO of Publicis Groupe Italy: Bruno Bertelli
APAC Executive Creative Director, LePub APAC: Cyril Louis
General Manager, LePub APAC: Hanh Kanssen
Chief Creative Officer, BBH Singapore: Sascha Kuntze
Group Creative Director & Head of Art, BBH Singapore: Gaston Soto
Senior Copywriter, BBH Singapore: Luke Somasundram
Art Director, BBH Singapore: Grace Wong
Creative Technologist, BBH Singapore: Nico Tangara

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