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Nov 29, 2017

This police recruitment video is flippin' good

Real cops go head over heels more times than seems strictly necessary in a funny film that focuses on the community side of policing rather than crime.

Ad Nut does not normally expect a police recruitment video to cause LOLs. But this one from New Zealand, by Ogilvy & Mather and directed by Damien Shatford from The Sweet Shop, certainly does.

There are no tense standoffs, sinister bad guys, explosions, or shootings. There is a brief incident with a murderous beast, but luckily it's resolved peacefully. Instead of guns and justice, we see a bunch of cheerful cops (real ones, Ad Nut is told) doing friendly, helpful things for citizens. While running. And running. Then dancing a bit. And then running some more—pausing only to jump a fence or perform a gratuitous somersault in the middle of a road.

The organisation says it's seeking recruits from diverse backgrounds who are fit (or prepared to get fit) and care about their communities. And in making a video that shows exactly that, they've also made a fine piece of marketing for the force itself, which is clearly dedicated to serving and protecting the people.

Ad Nut wishes police forces in certain corners of the world would return to this kind of stance, rather than equipping themselves like armored death squads and treating citizens as adversaries who should be roughed up or executed if they 'fail to comply' in the slightest. 

Sorry, this was supposed to be a fun post.

Hey, here's something enjoyable. Shatford's deft comedic touch has attracted our attention before:


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New Zealand
Client: New Zealand Police.
Deputy Chief Executive: Karen Jones
Strategic Communications Manager: Jane Archibald
Senior Marketing Advisor: Helen Flannery
Media Support: Garry Boles
Executive Creative Director: Regan Grafton
Group Creative Director: Lisa Fedyszyn
Group Creative Director : Jonathan McMahon
Art Director: Sam Henderson
Copywriter: Kent Briggs
Design Director : Danny Carlsen
Design Produce r: Dave Preece
Head of Operations: Siobhan Burke
Agency Film Producer: Steen Beech
Executive Director : Wendy Schrijvers
Account Director: Christina Opferkuch
Planning Director: Ben Fielding
Group Media Director: Denelle Joyce
Digital Media Manager: Nick Pickering
Media Manager: Stephen May
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Damien Shatford
Executive Producer : Ben Dailey
Managing Director: Fiona King
DOP: Andrew Stroud
DA: Alistair MacDonald
Senior Editor: Ben Marshall
Head of Post Production: Martin Spencer
Colourist: Dave Gibson
Sound: Liquid Studios
Executive Producer: Tamara O'Neill
Head Composer: Peter van der Fluit
Senior Sound Engineer: Craig Matuschka

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