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Nov 6, 2017

Oh look, another brand advocating less device time

In isolation, Panadol Australia's new campaign is fine, but the core message is tired and overused enough to give this critic a headache.

GSK brand Panadol, with WPP AUNZ agency WhiteGrey, has launched an uppercase-P Purpose campaign in Australia that "broadens the conversation from ‘pain relief now’ to ‘switching off life headaches’ by offering Australians a chance to win a free stay at the Home of Reconnection."  

The campaign spans strategy, consumer research, activation, celebrity/influencer endorsement, microsite development and social-media community management. A 90-second film on a dedicated microsite is supported by PR and shopper marketing.

The film is well-done, and no one can argue with the sentiment. Which is exactly the problem. The notion that people should switch off their phones and spend more time interacting with their family members is universally agreed-upon, and has been done by so many brands at this point that it not only has no impact, but is becoming actively annoying.

Even if you're less prickly than Ad Nut, and you don't end up irritated at Panadol for getting all self-righteous and telling you how to live your life, you're unlikely to feel gratitude for Panadol pointing out a blindingly obvious thing that every parent is well aware of thank you very much. In fact, Ad Nut submits that the only people who will even take enough notice of this to remember the brand responsible are the ones who it offends.

Ad Nut would also like to point out that the best Brand Purpose platforms, such as 'Dirt is good', work in part because they are based on an interesting inversion of common wisdom, not something that everyone already knows and agrees with.


Brad Cook: Area Head of Marketing - Pain Management
Annalee Combis – Marketing Manager Panadol

Chad Mackenzie – National ECD
Ronojoy Ghosh – Creative Director
Brett Terblanche – Senior Creative
James Blow – Senior Creative
Lynn Clift – Planning Director
Monika Vidovic – Group Business Director
Florent Moignard – Senior Account Manager
Rachel Harley – Designer
Terry Kerr – Head of Production

Production - Hogarth
PR - Edelman
Media - PHD
Social - Havas

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