Faaez Samadi
Apr 5, 2017

How Yahoo teamed up with Gleneagles hospital & WTA to promote health

CASE STUDY: The hospital engaged Yahoo and MEC Singapore to boost its reputation in sports medicine through tennis.


Gleneagles Hospital (GEH) recently partnered with Yahoo Storytellers, the company's content team, for a campaign that aimed to position the hospital as a market leader and an authoritative voice in the space of sports medicine.

GEH wanted to leverage its association with the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and use the hype around the tournament to turn the dry topic of sports medicine into something engaging and relevant.


Yahoo created a content hub, 'GEH-Yahoo Sports Health', which featured WTA finals editorial coverage, video interviews with GEH’s doctors sharing their expertise on health tips, facts about common injuries and information on the importance of recovery and keeping fit.

The content from the site was distributed across Yahoo properties with Yahoo Gemini Native ads, targeting users who were 25 years old and above, with an interest in sports. In addition, the stories on the WTA Finals (covered by Yahoo Newsroom) were also promoted on the Yahoo homepage, driving visibility for GEH’s branding ads.

Yahoo also used influencers to create engaging content to further amplify a social contest that was launched across Facebook and Instagram. Users were invited to take a photo of a tennis ball against a Singapore backdrop to stand a chance of winning WTA tickets and S$4,000. Stories from the content hub and the social contest were also amplified across GEH and Yahoo Facebook channels.

Yahoo worked with MEC Singapore and its content marketing arm MEC Wavemaker, which fine-tuned the strategy to reach GEH’s target audience.


The campaign received 39 million impressions, while the social contest achieved a reach of 320,000 with 14,000 engagements: an engagement rate of 4.36 percent.

The content hub generated significant awareness, with a 0.76 percent clickthrough rate (CTR). Native ads for the campaign across the Yahoo network received 0.42 percent CTR, 20 percent above the network average, attracting those interested in sports health. In addition, GEH banner ads on branded content pages received 0.93 percent CTR, which is six times more than ads that were run on the regular network.

The campaign saw a more-than-100-percent increase in average weekly online conversions—online appointment requests that led to a consultation with a GEH specialist. Cost-per-lead acquisition was reduced by 12 percent versus the same period last year. Yahoo users who were exposed to the branded content stayed 50 percent longer on the GEH website compared to traffic from other sources.

Users also viewed more doctor profiles on the GEH website, indicating a strong intent toward getting in touch with the right specialists. The campaign secured more appointments for GEH and established credibility for GEH as the authoritative expert in sports medicine.


Yahoo Storytellers team

Chia Fang Kuo, Director, APAC Media Solutions
Inez Miki Fun, Lead Media Strategist, APAC
Aude Percherin, Strategist, APAC
Sia Ling Xin, Content Producer
Carey Wong, Project Manager

MEC Singapore

Geraldine Cheung, Regional Business Director
May Leong, Senior Executive
Bong Siaw Phun, Ad Operations Manager, Global Solutions

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