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Aug 9, 2016

How many memes can you spot in this awesome Nissin ad?

A glorious ad seeks to prove that trends may come and go but Nissin Chikin Ramen continues forever (or 58 years).

As an avid consumer of ads, Ad Nut is naturally filled with glee at this insane, over-the-top ad by Nissin Foods to celebrate the 58th anniversary of Chikin Ramen, the original instant noodle created by the inventor himself, Momofuku Ando. 

While the agency that created this amazing feast of 'internet buzzes' is a mystery, Ad Nut strongly suspects Dentsu thanks to its work with Nissin on the animated Manchester United and Nissin tie up "Hungry to Win" (note the soccer reference in the commercial).

Update: Dentsu has confirmed that they are indeed the agency behind this epic ad

Setting aside the really obvious themes including drones, schoolgirls, samurais, cats, Sumo wrestlers, father-daughter bonding, weddings and zombies, here are some of the other references Ad Nut spotted:

Ad Nut is convinced there are even more in there, but Ad Nut's little paws are tired and Ad Nut's eyes are burning from all the repeated watching. If you've spotted something this squirrel missed, please share by hitting contact us or pinging us on Facebook or Twitter.

Tip: Turn on Closed Captions to get the full viewing experience.

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