David Blecken
Aug 26, 2015

Schoolgirl climber's shortcut highlights telco's data capacity

TOKYO - A promotional video for NTT Plala, a Japanese internet and mobile service provider, featuring a high school girl scaling the outside of a building in order to get to class on time, has notched up more than 1.5 million views since launching on 19 August.

Client: NTT Plala

Agency: N/A

Production company: AOI Pro.

Market: Japan

Details: The video is designed to highlight Plala Mobile’s offer of unlimited mobile data, which means users will avoid the frustration of not being able to watch an entertaining video in full. It features Miwa Oba, a Japanese participant in the IFSC Climbing World Cup, as the schoolgirl.

Realising she is late for class, the girl decides climbing the outside of the building is the best way to make up time—a task she manages with some style. The first part of the film is presented as a video of the event that Oba's friends are watching. The monthly data limit hits, and frustration ensues, as it does every month when they are trying to watch a piece of content. They conclude by noting Oba's amazing climbing ability. According to AOI, Oba made the three-storey ascent with no stunt coordinators—a total of 20 times.

Campaign’s comment: Why she made the climb so many times, we are not sure, but she certainly seemed to enjoy it judging by the video. The concept is indirect but is a fun idea and continues the trend in Japan of finding imaginative ways to depict internet speed and data capacity. Of course, it didn't have to be a schoolgirl, although schoolgirls seem to have special iconic appeal for Japanese brands. A daring OL or salaryman could work just as well. 


Production company: AOI Pro.
Producer: Yasumasa Morohashi / Teppei Yoshihara
Production manager: Shunsuke Takizawa / Kaoru Sakurai
Director: Kei Ohta
Photographer: Michael Komagata
Sound mixer: Tetsurou Noda
Stylist: Atsuko Ghoda
Hair and makeup: Nanae Nojiri

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