Adrian Peter Tse
Aug 20, 2015

Twitter launches new Twitter Audience Platform

ASIA-PACIFIC - Twitter has announced that it is adding a few new features to its Twitter Publisher Network, launched last year to help itself and advertisers reach users beyond the Twitter platform, and renaming the offering as the Twitter Audience Platform.

Twitter Audience Platform ads can reach between apps
Twitter Audience Platform ads can reach between apps

According to Twitter, the new platform expands potential combined ad reach to more than 700 million people on and off Twitter. While the company no doubt wishes to counter concerns over slow user growth, the updates are most significant in the new creative features on offer for advertisers, which come from a key insight.

“A person unlocks their phone about 150 times per day,” Twitter's Parminder Singh told Campaign Asia-Pacific. “And in a recent study, it was found that people spend about 88 per cent of their time in mobile apps.”

With this behavioural insight, the Twitter Audience Platform is focused on extending Twitter’s reach and advertising to other apps on the phone, effectively breaking down the boundaries between them. 

In terms of ad targeting, Twitter’s data, which includes “interest, username and keywords” come into play and can be applied to campaigns across mobile apps.


Twitter Audience Platform’s new creative features

Promoted Tweets can be turned into other ad formats including video, native ads, and banners without much tinkering. For example:

  • Tweet engagement campaigns on Twitter can become native ads on other platforms
  • Promoted Video campaigns can be turned into in-app video ads elsewhere on a user’s device
  • App install or re-engagement campaigns become native or banner ads outside of Twitter

In addition, Twitter users can now Retweet and favorite directly from their Twitter Audience Platform ad. Customizable call-to-action buttons are available to help users drive their desired user action.

The Twitter Audience Platform is now available globally to all managed clients driving Tweet engagements and video views.

According to Twitter, the platform is also being tested by select clients focused on driving mobile app installs and re-engagements. Over the next few months, Twitter plans to expand the program to other objectives, including website clicks and conversions. 


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