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Jul 30, 2019

The amount of plastic football fans eat is nuts

Grey Malaysia converted research about microplastic ingestion into disturbing in-stadium messages for the WWF during the recent Malaysian Football League final.

The amount of plastic football fans eat is nuts

A stadium full of 80,000 football fans could collectively eat the equivalent of 360 plastic whistles through the course of a 90-minute match. And over 10 football seasons, each fan could consume the equivalent of their stadium seat. 

Those disturbing facts—based on research showing we're all consuming as much as 5 grams of plastic a week—were communicated to fans viewing the Malaysian Football League's recent Shopee FA Cup Final and Malaysia Cup Final on 27 July. The pro-bono in-stadium advertising was done by Grey Malaysia in connection with the WWF's global 'Your plastic diet' campaign.

The agency says the campaign, which calls for signatures on a WWF petition urging governments globally to take action on plastic pollution, has run in 40 countries and received worldwide coverage since Grey Malaysia launched it five weeks ago. 

If you think the idea of consuming a credit card's worth of plastic every week is upsetting, imagine how the world's non-human animals, who had no choice in the matter whatsoever, feel about it. Frankly, Ad Nut sometimes feels that if humanity literally chokes on its own lack of concern for the environment, that'll be fine. Ad Nut just hopes there are some more intelligent creatures still around to inherit the earth at that point. 


Grey Team
Graham Drew, Executive Creative Director
Andrew Fong, Creative Director
Heng Thang Wei, Creative Director
Selva Ganapathy, Copywriter
Kevin Wong, Art Director
Ralve Khor, Art Director
Suzy Chiang, Producer
Jo Yau, General Manager
Marcus SK, Brand Director
Vivian Khoo, Account Executive
Huma Qureshi, Reg Director PR & Comms AMEA

Production Team
MFX Sdn. Bhd.
Post Production
Glass Fin (KL)
Sound Production
Maverick AV Sdn. Bhd.

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