Emily Tan
Oct 9, 2014

Intel uses quick tech in #GoFaster campaign

ASIA-PACIFIC - To demonstrate the speed granted to tablets embedded with its processor chips, Intel has roped in speed-reading tech firm Spritz, employed short-video platform Vine and created some finger exercises (this part's odd).

Vine star Zach King contributes to the campaign
Vine star Zach King contributes to the campaign

Client: Intel

Agency: AKQA Amsterdam

Markets: Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

Campaign scope: An all-encompassing brand promise. The campaign ranges from online to on-the-ground events. 

Details: The campaign communicates the idea of “speed”, and is even fast in its delivery with speed-reading tech, Spritz, six versions of 6-second Vine videos (embedded below) and five speed-training finger games (to test responsiveness on tablets). 

Press release quote: Jayant Murty, Director of Brand Strategy and Integrated Marketing, Intel Asia Pacific and Japan: "#GoFaster is about increasing productivity to achieve more. We wanted to create an exciting, fun campaign that reveals what you can do with Intel Inside and how we can help everyone save time. In an attention-deficit world, short and frequent conversations work well with young and savvy mobile audiences and that is how we have designed the campaign through short Vine videos, Spritz banners and landing pages, and games. With #GoFaster, we hope to inspire people to get things done. Faster.”

Comment: As an idea that supports a brand promise and an ongoing campaign this is a pretty good one. We do question, however, the reference to the tablet as an 'Intel tablet' in the Vine video, as consumers are far more likely to refer to their tablets by the manufacturer's brand. Also, after the rather cool use of speed-reading tech and the idea of using Vines to get the message across more quickly, the 'finger-training' games seem a little meh.

So far, only five of the six planned Vine videos have been released:

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