Babar Khan Javed
Feb 8, 2018

Google’s Search Console exits beta

The final form of the Search Console has arrived, offering advertisers and agencies access to a tool that helps them understand site performance, indexing issues, and AMP status.

The new tool allows digital teams to identify issues much faster, share the fixes, and implement them much faster.
The new tool allows digital teams to identify issues much faster, share the fixes, and implement them much faster.

Just weeks after launching the open access beta version of the Search Console, Google has announced that the full version has been made available.

“We are happy to announce that the new Search Console is now available to all sites,” wrote the Search Console UX team on its blog.

Rolled out in the same week as SEO audit features were added to Lighthouse, users will be able to use both the new and old interface, in order to become familiar with both as they transition. At the same time, the company wants users to share feedback and offer suggestions for features in the next version. 

“We A/B tested some of the new Search Console reports against the existing reports with 30,000 users," wrote the Search Console UX team. "We tracked issue fix rates to verify new Search Console drives better results and sent out follow-up surveys to learn about their experience.”

Feedback was received from help forums, the link to submit feedback, and panel of beta testers.

As the market leader for software used by advertisers and agencies to measure site health and performance, Google has established itself as a company search teams pay attention to, with any change and introduction. Doing so allows marketers to understand what the company values and where it places emphasis in terms of achieving an organic ranking.

Offering marketers 16 months of in-depth data with regards to clicks, CTR, impressions, current position, and average ranking position, the tool offers greater transparency to advertisers and agencies that often find contradictory analysis from paid SEO tools.

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